Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – The Battle Of Bull Creek

LINDSAY: D’y’alls families have like, crazy stories about your lineage too, where like, you’re all related to some kings, or whatever? OTHERS: No. MICHAEL: My family, I grew up and they were like “You’re trash and you’ll always be trash.” JEREMY: Yeah, my dad was like “Your great-great-grandfather was probably Continue Reading

Grabbing the Horns from the Bull

ALLISON VAN EENENNAAM: How are you? Nice to see you. Nice to see you, my friend. How are you? Are you good? Yeah, I know. So this is Spotigy He’s very friendly. Normally, his horns would be growing here and here, but you can say that they’re not growing. This Continue Reading

Baauer: Searching For The Next Harlem Shake | Documentary | Red Bull Music

The Dawn of a New Era | Diggin’ in the Carts | Red Bull Music

(Narrator) Japan is a nation that has influenced the world in so many ways. Be it there food, their technology, or their contributions to popular culture like video games. For many of us the music of video games played more in our households growing up than any other form of Continue Reading

Manitoba: Subarctic summer wild

(instrumental music) – [Quin] It’s definitely a surreal moment as a photographer to get the chance to see polar bears in the wild. (grass rustling) (vehicle engine rumbling) (plane engine roaring) We’re at the Seal River Heritage Lodge in northern Manitoba. We came here to see these polar bears. (boat Continue Reading

Vapur Eclipse Water Bottle Review | Ultra Compressible & Collapsible Water Bottle For Travel

FUN in Hollywood & Rodeo Drive, California Sightseeing Travel Get-Away for Women & Men over 50

Hey awesome ones. So today we’re gonna go to Hollywood and then afterwards we’re gonna go to Rodeo Drive and also Beverly Hills and it all starts in just a few seconds. Who are you hanging out with? So I found the really old ones like Jean Harlow….let me just Continue Reading