Woman Tries to Rescue a Stray Pittie Every Day for 3 Weeks | The Dodo Faith = Restored

Woman Tries to Rescue a Stray Pittie Every Day for 3 Weeks | The Dodo Faith = Restored

It was pouring rain and in this not-so-great area. So I pulled over, trying to get her, and
she came pretty close I couldn’t get her. So I drove around. I couldn’t find her. It was acres and acres. It was kind of on a recycling plant and there were so many places
that she could hide. The next day, I just couldn’t
get her out of my mind and I drove back to the location
to see if she was hanging out and So I just started feeding her
in the exact same spot. And then the next day, I went back with a dog trap with a friend. hit her on the back of the leg. I was so disappointed. I mean, I just started crying. She got really scared of me after the trap failed and she wouldn’t come as close to me
as she did on that first day. She would just see my car and leave. But I was laying in bed
thinking about this dog and I can’t imagine how scared she
was and where she was sleeping. Just to keep her coming
back to the same location, I set up a feeding station. I’d go there sometimes two or three
times a day. I’d come home at lunch and drive by
just to see if I could get a sighting. I went to Home Depot. I bought two bungee cords
and a big chain. I went back with the same friend.
So we set the trap again. And I chained the trap to the tree
and I just started feeding her in there. Each day, I would push the food bowl a
little back more to the back of the trap. We brought chicken pastrami and I set
the food a little bit around the entrance and we put the jackpot
in the back of the trap. And we went and parked behind a tree. My friend who I was with,
she couldn’t even look. I walked up and she was nervous
but she was so beautiful… and her eyes! And then, just kind of sat
there with her, used good energy, talked to her. Loaded her in my car. Brought her to the vet. I kind of had to coax her out. And then, just sat there with her for
about an hour and she finally started to relax. She started appreciating
the touch and the pets and she hadn’t had that in so long. We went back the next day,
gave her a bath. And the bath was a real
bonding experience. She kind of really appreciated that
and became more relaxed each day. Every day at lunch or after work, I would just go bring her burgers. And I think on Day 3
I got that little tail wag. With love and trust and removing the fear. She started to get excited. Then on Day 4, she
just tackled me on the couch. When she was almost
done with her training, I just started reaching out to
my friend and she’s like, “There’s a beautiful family
with two older girls who are interested.” Usually the black pit bulls are
the toughest to be adopted but that’s what we had before.
I’m like, “No, that’s what I want!” I said, “Give me the one that I knew
would probably be in boarding for so long,
not even find a foster.” Yeah, that’s what we wanted. When I first brought her home, she was like, “Where am I?
I don’t know this place.” But once she knew,
“OK, this is my home,” She started coming to the door. She just wiggles her butt. She’s just the sweetest thing. She’s so protective of us.

100 thoughts on “Woman Tries to Rescue a Stray Pittie Every Day for 3 Weeks | The Dodo Faith = Restored

  1. Get on the bike little child.
    Gonna take you to a nice dark place.
    Gonna give you candy. Let you watch television.

  2. I’m sure you meant well by giving her burgers, but it’s absolutely a NoNo with animals.
    Fast Food’s food is said to be soo bad, full of toxic stuff and non nutrient. DON’T GIVE THIS TO ANIMALS AND DON’T EAT IT YOURSELF. Apparently the woman gave this do a few but you shouldn’t ever. Like those kind of foods are garbage for your body, for all body tho it taste god dam good I know.
    Still I know this woman did this with a good mind

  3. It is forbidden to give seasoned salt or other food for people. There is nothing to talk about the "burger" eating food, because the cheapest meat from the poor baskets …

  4. Gah, the people with the negative comments about the burgers. Just enjoy the story, the dog was homeless, someone cared enough to rescue her, and she got her furever home. 🍔🍔🍔 Viva la hamburger!!! 🥰❤

  5. When a dog looks at you it's a good thing cuz they're acknowledging you, especially when they're scared.

  6. I have an AmStaff who's black, with a white stripe down his nose & a spot on the back of his neck, & he's my baby. He has a nipple out of place, the middle one on his right is by his penis next to the other two LOL

  7. Dog tip: when a dog licks its lips it's not always because its lips are dry most of the time it's because there annoyed or dont like what you doing like petting them and they dont like it they lick there lips 🙂

  8. How many people have been mauled by this horrible breed? So many people defending them here, ever think WHY you have to defend them? Dangerous breed, should be illegal in cities, should have to have a Pit permit to own one, no inner city thugs should be allowed to own a dog.

  9. These pit videos are not a good look for the dodo.. Admit that they are jumpy, anxious, dangerous dogs, not a good idea to have one. I know a guy whos girlfriend got horribly bitten by one, because it thought she was hurting her own kid because the kid was fussing, her own damn kid.. These fucking retards commenting on the dodo will stick up for the dog, too.. " Was the mother handling the child too roughly?" Geez, idk, but obviously the dog always knows, right? Dumb, and they are stupid animals, to boot.

  10. I appreciate everything you do, but I just don't get how you allow a dog to lick your lips. Haven't you seen dogs lick their behinds?

  11. A little bit kindness to each and every living animals is not only the beautiful act but also it prove that we are human being. Thank you very much for helping such abandoned animals…God Bless You

  12. Bless you for your tremendous perseverance…you are truly a special human to have this patience and love…an invisible and helpless animal had her life turned to one of bliss by your caring nature. . Thank you Thank you

  13. Great freaking rescue!!! You’ve adopted the best (dog) in the world 🌎!ive been around them for 50+ yrs. The most loveabe,courageous, and understanding human friendship individuals on earth!!!

  14. why are you feeding the dog cheeseburgers that is so bad for a dog if you truly loved the dog you would give it a proper diet that's horrible

  15. Also really feel bad for dogs, being moved from home to home
    Just when they're finally starting to open up and trust humans, then off they're sent to another home

  16. You are such a wonderful person. You didn't just change the life of the animal but you change the lives of people too….

  17. Gracias linda señorita…!!! Que el universo y Dios la bendigan por ese amor que entrega y tanta falta le hace al mundo más generosidad…

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