Which Celebrity Makes The Best Scrambled Eggs?

Which Celebrity Makes The Best Scrambled Eggs?

– So Chrissy Teigen just happened to be at BuzzFeed as I was writing this post, and I told her, “Your egg’s didn’t win,” and she said, “God damn it,”
and she just walked away. (music) Today I’m gonna be making five famous scrambled egg recipes to find out which one is actually the best. I set up five recipes to replicate exactly how the celebrities do it. We have Gordon Ramsay, Martha Stewart, Heston Blumenthal, Anthony Bourdain, and then for a wild card,
I have Chrissy Teigen. I lined up all the
ingredients on the recipes. I measured them precisely, and I got toast ready for all of them, so we can all try it. So the whole playing
field’s completely level. Three of my friends
are gonna come down and taste them with me to see
which one is actually the best. So let’s get this scrambled
egg showdown crackin’. (chicken squawks) Anthony Bourdain’s eggs. He whips them just until there’s a ripple of white
and yellow, not all the way. And then he cooks them
in a hot pan with butter. And he cooks them in a figure eight motion until they’re cooked, and
this one cooks really fast. (music) Martha Stewart follows
a pretty traditional way to scramble her eggs. She thinks that if you have good eggs, you don’t need to add anything to them. So she cooks them in a pan
with butter on low heat. Very traditional, and she pushes them all towards the center in this ripple motion to create kind of these ribbons, that are like really beautiful. And then she seasons with salt and pepper right at the end, and that’s it. (upbeat music) Gordon Ramsay’s internet famous eggs, cooks them in a pot, he serves
them with chunks of butter and he puts them on a low
burner for 30 seconds, he takes them off, stirs them for 20 more seconds, then puts them on for 30 seconds, puts them on again for
the last 20 seconds, and throws some creme fresh in to cool them down really
quickly, and that’s it. (music) Chrissy Teigan’s scrambled eggs are I’m guessing, obviously gonna be good because she puts a whole
quarter cup of cream in them. And she cooks them with
three tablespoons of butter, so it’s just fat on fat. She cooks them on super low heat and this takes about 20 minutes, it’s so low heat, actually. She seasons the egg mixture itself so I think these ones, they’re gonna taste like butter and cream so they’re gonna be pretty freakin’ good. (music) Heston Blumenthal has
a very strange method, when he combines milk,
cream, eggs, salt and pepper in a double boiler with a whisk. And he puts them over
gently simmering water and stirs them with a rubber spatula until they’re just barely cooked. The gentle heat is supposed to keep them pretty soft and moist. And I’m so sorry for using the word moist. (music) – It’s whatever, it’s
literally whatever eggs. – It’s very flat. – Yeah. – It looks like it was
on the bottom of the pan and they like just scraped it off. – They didn’t mix it well,
look at all the colors. – White, yellow, yellow – Yeah, it’s like it’s not very mixed. – They’re standard, they’re okay. – Who is it, Anthony Bourdain. – I can see how he got this texture, he has that figure eight technique, so it’s not mixed very well. – Don’t do the figure eight. – No, no figure eight. – These are a little richer. – The last one was like,
anybody making those eggs this one was like probably like
your friend, and he’s like, “Ooh yeah, let me just put some
milk in it and whip it up.” And you’re like, “Oh cool, thanks.” – Martha. – This is like how I make my eggs. – Elevated basic eggs, which
is like what Martha does best. – Did you just call Martha Stewart basic? (giggles) – Ooh, these look different. – These are thick. – Oh, it’s all butter. – It taste like there’s
cheese in it, kinda, but I know there’s not. – This is what I would eat when
I’m like, been good all week and I’m just gonna splurge on breakfast. – Gordon Ramsey – Ooh. – I can see it though,
Gordon is like the master. – I think this is diner quality. – These are my favorite eggs. – No muss, no fuss kinda thing maybe a little bit of milk, but that’s it. – Who is it, who is it? – Oh Chrissy! – Oh my god! – Oh no, Chrissy Teigan. – The queen, okay, I can see that. I’m gonna have more. – Is that just butter? – This looks like a
gigantic slice of cheese. – Holy crap, this not eggs. – Oh my god. – This is just cheese. – This is butter and cheese- – Oh my god, this is so rich. – With like one egg in it. – With a little bit of egg. – This is like splash of egg. – This doesn’t taste like egg. – This is the richest egg
dish I’ve ever tasted. – These are good, I want this recipe. – Heston Blumenthal – That’s the fine dining chef in the UK. – I can eat all this. (music) – So on the count of three,
let’s say who our favorite was. – Okay. – Ready? Three, Two, One – [Together] Heston Blumenthal – Did you say Chrissy Teigan? – Yes! Hers was the best. – Are you kidding me? – Oh my god. – It had like texture, it was creamy. – We love you Heston. Chrissy we still love you
but your eggs suck, sorry. – Haters. – They’re not good. (music)

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  1. This is the fake Gordon Ramsay one his real recipe contains those fancy big mushrooms tomatoes and even yogurt you messed up his name big time I hope he doesn't see this

  2. To everyone who is mad about the over cooking of the eggs here is the solution
    : when you cook anything account for carry over cooking because the food will continue to cook even after you take the food off the heat. Not trying to hate but I am deeply annoyed when I see that people don't account for it so hope this helps with your recipes from here on out again not trying to shame anyone just wanting to inform

  3. Why exactly were the names hidden in the beginning if they are judging based on people anyway? Wouldn't it have made more sense to give points and in the end reveal which was which? Like I don't get it really xD Also what I didn't get again is they are judging SCRAMBLED EGGS on how good they are. Then they vote the winner for someone where every single person said " This doesn't taste like scrambled eggs it is an egg dish ". I understand they voted on what tastes best instead of which tasted like the best scrambled eggs. It's still weird imo.

  4. Using a metal fork/whisk causes the eggs to break down and makes them rubber. If you must whisk then use a plastic one! But it’s honestly best if you just scramble them directly in the pan with a spatula 🤷🏻‍♀️

  5. Collectively they said like so many times it made me cringe enough to want to completely eliminate that word from my vocabulary. I think I'm actually going to genuinely try. Their valley girl accent makes it so much worse though.

  6. one thing is genuine out here and no one can deny this fact. even though u know the recipies and techniques, you wouldn't still be able to recreate the taste as what it should do. this is no justice.

  7. I'm pretty close to Tony Bourdain's. I don't even beat them, I crack them straight into the pan, and don't even start to scramble until some of the whites are done. (The figure 8 is optional, and not a little OCD. it doesn't really matter how, just keep them moving so they cook evenly.) It's just the way i like them, but in a commercial kitchen, i cook them the standard way, beaten with a fork. That's what the customers expect, but I cook differently for myself.

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