Watch This Kid Help A Shelter Dog Find The Perfect Home | The Dodo Adoption Day

Watch This Kid Help A Shelter Dog Find The Perfect Home | The Dodo Adoption Day

– He’s laying on you, Roman! (Laughing) He’s got your hood! – I found Buster at the
Augusta Animal Shelter and he is an owner surrender. So when Buster first met
me out in the play yard, he was just really happy. He was just a kisser, a hugger.
– Aw. And his tail would
not stop wagging. He was probably excited to see a
human that was excited to see him. We knew from the beginning that
Buster deserved a good home. My mom and I rescue dogs from
shelters and help them find homes. – We would really like to get
Buster a great home. – Our house is full already. – Just because it can’t be us —
– Doesn’t mean it can’t be anyone. Hi everyone, I am here
with my new friend Buster. We made a video, and we’ve
gotten some attention for Buster. He is really sweet,
and he needs a home. – We just got the best email. An application that really stands out. She’s a new vet,
and she loves Buster. It’s exciting, like she
can’t wait to get him. – He’s going to get a home! – We’re going to get Buster
from Georgia to Colorado. – Awesome! (Laughing) – We finally got a plan in
place to move Buster. A volunteer pilot is going
to fly Buster to Texas. – Want to hear some good news? You’re going on a private jet. We’re going to miss him a lot. I don’t think a dog from Augusta gets
to fly in a private airplane very much. – He will then hang out with a
rescue partner we have in Texas. – Hey there!
Welcome to Texas, bud. – So it is about 6 A.M. And we’re having a quick
potty break before we load up to head to Elkhart, Kansas
to meet our pilot that will then take Buster on. – We’re on our way to go pick up Buster from
Kansas and bring him to his new home. – Yeah, see you soon Buster. – Hey Buster, your plane just landed. – Are you going to fly? – Okay Buster. – Welcome to the plane. – You be a good boy. Ready to go meet your mama. – Are you going to
fly the plane, Buster? – Yeah, you want to fly?
I’ll sit in the back. – And off they go. Next stop Colorado. Bye Buster. – It makes us feel really good that everyone helped. They all believed that Buster and Kellie
were meant to be just like we did. – It’s beautiful out. – How you feeling? – I feel good! I’m excited. – We’re here! – Oh my gosh, a plane. – Is that him? Is it him?
– No way. – Oh, look at his little face. Look at his little tail! Oh my god. Buster! Yeah! (Laughing) Hi! How are you? Oh my god, you sweetie boy. Hey bud. How are you? Hi! Oh, I’m going to hug you forever. Oh, thank you so
much for bringing him. Hi bud. You’ve had a
long road to get here, huh? Do you want to go home? Look at that. (Laughing) – Oh yeah!
– That’s your first snow! You little Southern boy. Come on, I’ll help you. You ready to go home?
Let’s go home. Home sweet home! – Whoa!
– I hit the bump. Welcome home, Buster! I can’t get enough of his happy tail. It’s just nonstop. – Come this way, buddy.
There you go, bud. There you go. Buster. You ready to go home? I opened the door and he
just kind of took off. He just went room to room, sniffing everything, jumping up on
things, wanting to see everything. He likes the cat water. I have one cat, her name is Joon. I’m worried. It’s okay.
It’s okay. He has no idea that she’s
under the bed right now. I forgot. Come here! I was surprised that, here’s this huge
basket of brand new dog toys, and he had no interest in any of them. And lo and behold, he goes and
he picks a dirty old cat toy. Buster, did you poop? We just took you outside! (Laughing) You like to dance. You look like you could
fall asleep right now, huh? – When Buster entered the shelter,
he had all the reasons to be sad. But he didn’t let that stop him. Now he’s in Colorado
with his new mom. – I’m just so grateful to Jen
and Roman for picking me because I know I can give
him a really good life. Come here. Come over here again. This is your bed. There you go. You like that? He’s at home. This is his home. And I think he knows that
he’s in his forever home. He’s not going anywhere.
Not away from me at least.

100 thoughts on “Watch This Kid Help A Shelter Dog Find The Perfect Home | The Dodo Adoption Day

  1. Buster is so beautiful, I love his markings. It is so great that everyone came together to get Buster where he needed to go. The parents of the young boy are doing a fantastic job raising their son to have a compassion for animals and to have a love for helping others.

  2. Thank you 🙏🏽 to all involved. It must have been hard for the previous owner to surrender Buster. However, you all made it possible for Buster to find a great home.
    Again, For ALL involved you ROCK!!!
    PS: Buster looks like a Catahoula Leopard Dog and I can assure you they are the best!!! Mine was!!!!

  3. That kid and his mom are super heroes….and so are the pilots that transported buster and everyone else involved in getting him to his new furever home

  4. Everyone's lives were blessed by knowing Buster. I'm so happy he found such a wonderful home. He's totally adorable, and so loving!

  5. This is an awesome thing that you are doing to get these dogs to a great home with love and hope for the future. Thanks for your time and patience for your kindness.

  6. This is the type of wholesome content i signed up for.
    Any parent that raises their child to love animals as equals deserves the highest of fives.

  7. If only all 'humans' could be like these humans.

    If only all 'kids' were a kid like Roman, the World would be such a nice place to live?…..oh, well; never mind, eh? 😢❤️

  8. Roman is awesome for rescuing dogs at a young age! I hope he’ll consider doing it through adulthood! Buster is a truly sweet dog too! I have a brown chihuahua named Buster that’s a love bug too!

  9. 💖💖💖💜💜💜💜💜
    Gr8 job Mama
    This is how u raise a wonderful HUMAN💖💖💖💜💜💜💜
    Look @ those eyes

  10. Even if a small % I'm almost sure the pup has some Great Dane in it! Shows in color, eyes little , and attitude! Love success stories!😀

  11. Aww such a beautiful dog. Awesome colors and blue eyes. This boy needs awards as he absolutely deserves them. Great work buddy. Tysm for sharing 🐾🐾

  12. Awesome kid. Awesome parenting. How it should be. He's goin' to save a lotta dogs in his life. Have a long healthy life, buddy!

  13. I gotta say that Buster is sooo beautiful!! His markings, his gorgeous blue eyes, his laid back, but friendly-affectionate personality, makes Buster the whole package of perfection in a Canine. I’m glad that he found his Forever Mom!! Thanks to the young guy and his Mom, who played an integral part of Buster’s adoption in the beginning. Thank you’s all around!!!

    Having said that, What was the given reason that Buster’s former Family gave the Shelter, at the time of surrender?? Because I can’t see anything wrong with Buster, that’d make me wanna surrender him, at all. Please give us an update on Buster and his new Mom?

  14. All that for 1 dog while millions of humans are homless and hungry in America.
    This whole animal rescue thing is pathetic. 💩💩😾

  15. Can you imagine being the jerks that dumped their dog at a shelter and seeing this video.
    I'm so glad buster got a new forever home !

  16. This is just WONDERFUL. What an ultra sweet dog and what great folks all along the way that helped Buster find his furr-ever home. And to think it all started in my home town. So cool. I have two really sweet dogs that came from the local shelter. Shelter dogs are great.

  17. What a wonderful story! This just warmed my heart ❤️! Faith in humanity restored! One little person with a BIG heart changes the world, one furry tail at a time! Keep it up Roman! 😊

  18. What a wonderful thing you do to get all the animals homes. It’s wonderful all the people that step up and help out 😊

  19. Buster must have felt so alone, scared, and confused when the person he trusted the most dumped him at a shelter and turned their back on him.
    Little did he know just how many people, starting with Roman and his Mom, were going to care enough about him to get him to the loving forever home he deserves. I hope Buster and Kellie have lots of happy years together. ❤️❤️❤️

  20. No hablo inglés, pero en este vídeo no es necesario, porque la bondad y la misericordia de todos los involucrados en la adopción del cachorro no necesita entenderse, sólo sentirse. Gracias.

  21. His new home is a jail , compared to what Roman provided. Such a large dog to be confined to this plaster, plastic, glass and steel home is a sin!

  22. Stop saying "oh I rescued a dog" because it is annoying. In the words of Bill Burr "Did you jump in a river with your clothes still on with NO regard for your personal safety? Did you jump into a building that was caught on fire? No? Then you didnt 'rescue' them did ya?"

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