Wasootch Ridge, Kananaskis scramble (HD)

Wasootch Ridge, Kananaskis scramble (HD)

Alright, Just got the GoPro out. We werent sure how far we were going to get. The snow was about a foot deep in places but
we havent even had snowshoes out. Heres the first little tape marking here. Thats where you gain the ridge right there. Just a beautiful coat of snow that came down
last night. March 16th today. Wasootch Ridge. Suns trying to come out. It’s not cold though. Were headed up that way. We gain a lot just getting up to the ridge. Blue sky back there. Go up a bit more. Well first views of the ridge. Were just gaining the ridge here. We’ll just keep going that way. Just on the ridge eh Dave. Couple of deep spots. Ya we’ve walked 2 and a half hours now. To this tree. Weve still got to go down. Few post holes up to our knees. Maybe a little past. For the most part you dont need snowshoes. Ya you just kind of have to watch your step. Here’s the depth of the snow. We dont have much for anything to follow now
so no prints of any kind. No tracks. And we’re post holing a little bit but still
don’t need snowshoes. It’s a good workout though. Climbing down. There’s the creek. We’re headed up there. Awesome! There’s the peak in the background. I don’t know if we’ll be able to get there
though. We’ll see. Dave’s down there doing a little microspike
repair. Whew! Suns coming out a bit. Getting there. Looks like we got some cornices up here. We’ll have to just see what things look like. Whew! Well we made it to the little rock pile. Summits a ways off still. And, in good conditions. And I think
we might be traversing some avi slopes so I don’t know if we’ll go any farther than
this today. Awe it’s not that long. 1/2 hour maybe. We’re going to try and get to that guy right
there. We’ll probably turn around there because I
think there’s too much avalanche risk going down the gully to traverse. Just coming up to the next rock pile. Well just did a little scrambling up through
here. Here comes Dave. Last cairn was over there. It’s kind of tough to find footholds until
you get up a little bit there. Nice one! Whew! That’s interesting. I think a lot of people traverse it on the
left but the avi conditions are way too high to do that. It doesn’t look bad on the ridge I think you’ve
just got to take your time. But if it does look sketchy we’ll probably
just stop and call it a day. Ok lets do this! I’m on. So, there’s Dave up there. Got to be a little bit of a billy-goat to
do this stuff. You don’t want to go off that side or this
side. Oh that wind! Thank goodness there’s a few little trees
up here. Just got to make sure you’re stepping on rock. Cause either way is not very forgiving. It’s not bad. Just got to go slow. Whew! I think so. Just that ridge part there was sketchy. Well we’ll scramble up here. I don’t know if we need to scramble or go
right what do you think? Summit’s there but to downclimb into the valley
the avalanche hazard is way too high. We’re going to call this high point here the
day. We’re what 4 hours? About 4 hours here. A little video here. Just looking back at the ridge we came up. Wasootch Ridge. Very enjoyable. Just the snow is stopping us from getting
to the summit. Ya. We’ve got a long trek ahead of us to get back. Big avi slope here. Are you faking just pretending your on your
knees right now right! Ya Ya right. See you get out of that. Ah!

4 thoughts on “Wasootch Ridge, Kananaskis scramble (HD)

  1. Another great video. Thanks!

    The "sketchy ridge" turned me back in November because it looked too icy and I was by myself that day. That hike feels longer than other 13 km trails for some reason, but it's fun.

  2. Amazing video! Looks like a great day! I can't wait to start hiking, but I'll have to wait until the end of ski season! Ha-long on May longweekend

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