The Scramble For Norway – WW2 – 034 – April 20 1940

The Scramble For Norway – WW2 – 034 – April 20 1940

April 20, 1940 We’ve all heard the expression “haste
makes waste”, but when the haste is largely unplanned armed expeditions to combat an unforeseen
invasion, the waste can be measured in human lives. I’m Indy Neidell; this is World War Two. Last week Germany invaded Norway, and by the
end of the week had taken all major Norwegian ports, though at sea the German navy had not
fared well against the British. The Allies are already landing forces of their
own in Norway this week. Max Hastings has this to say about them: “The
makeshift Anglo-French landing forces sent to Norway…defied parody. Almost every effective unit of the British
army was deployed in France; only 12 half-trained Territorial battalions were available to cross
the North Sea. These were dispatched piecemeal, to pursue
objectives that changed almost hourly. They lacked maps, transport, and radios to
communicate with each other, far less with London… “Imagine how we felt when we saw a towering
ice-capped mountain in front of us… We South London boys, we had never seen a
mountain before, most of us had never been to sea.” I mentioned in February that German General
Niklaus von Falkenhorst had planned the Norway invasion with Baedeker tourist maps? Well, he isn’t alone. Since both sides are pretty surprised to find
themselves fighting in Norway, both sides get a lot of their battlefield intelligence
from Baedeker tourist guides. Both sides’ intelligence services are hard
at work, though, in the Norwegian campaign. The Germans can read around a third of the
British naval signals in the North Sea and thus can find and attack many ships they would
otherwise have missed. As for the British, well, starting this week
on the 15th, The Government Cypher and Signals School, which is at Bletchley Park, breaks
the Enigma Key used by both the Luftwaffe and the German Army during the Norwegian invasion. We’ve talked before about Enigma, it’s
the rotary encoding machine used by the Germans. Now, they key used here is relatively uncomplicated,
and there are loads of messages sent through Enigma and received at Bletchley, and some
of them take under an hour to de-crypt. This is a ton of information on pretty much
everything, organization, supply, invasion plans and intentions. Winston Churchill will later call these “golden
eggs”, but here’s the thing, British Intelligence is not yet at all prepared to make use of
the information. They have no secure way of getting it to the
army and navy commanders in the field; they can’t even really explain the nature of
the source of their insight, they don’t have a collating and distribution process,
and so, as Martin Gilbert succinctly puts it, “The breaking of the Norway Enigma Key,
a triumph of cryptography, thus had no influence on the course of the Norwegian campaign.” Now, since all campaigns eventually have an
end, it’s not really a spoiler to say that this one will too, whenever that may be, so
he continues, “With the ending of the campaign, its use by the Germans was to be discontinued… In the intelligence war, Germany, not Britain,
had been the victors in Norway.” As for the action in the field… At the end of last week, the Germans pushed
out from Oslo east, north, and west. They now have some quick successes, forcing
some Norwegians to surrender and others to cross into Sweden. But Norwegian General Otto Ruge is pretty
well positioned between Randsfjord and Lake Mjosa to take on the German force heading
for him, and the Luftwaffe is mostly grounded until the 17th by weather. But after that, with a Panzer battalion, the
Germans take ground both east and west of the lake. Ruge’s basic plan is to stop the Germans
in the passes leading from Oslo long enough for the British to arrive in force, but if
the Germans can make their way up Gulbrandsdal, the Allies landing this week at Andalsnes
to move on Trondheim would be threatened from the rear. On the 14th come small British landings at
Namsos and Harstad. The Allies are thinking of what to do to free
Trondheim and Narvik, but they will rule out direct assault. Instead they will build up from the landings
at Namsos, Harstad, and Andalsnes. The weather is causing some serious hassles,
though. At Namsos there is four feet of snow and no
possible cover from any air attacks, and the British force that was to try to land at Ålesund
is held back all week by the weather. Still, the main body of the British 24th Guards
arrives in Harstad and on the 16th, the 146th Brigade lands at Namsos. On the17th, the British begin to land at Andalsnes. With the landings, you can see that Hitler’s
orders now reflect uncertainty- on the 17th, he sends out the order to his men in Norway
to ”hold out as long as possible”. The next day, the British 148th brigade lands
at Andalsnes. Now, when they land there, Ruge demands- does
not ask- for them to not move on Trondheim as planned, but help consolidate the Norwegian
lines just south of Lillehammer. “However, the British troops were poorly
equipped and trained, and were not helped much by the hurried loading of their transport
ships, which meant vital supplies and weapons were either missing or left behind.” Another quote, from WW2 Day by Day by Donald
Somerville, helps illustrate that further, “During the night part of the (French) 5th
Demi-Brigade Chasseurs Alpins lands at Namsos. There has, however, been a mistake made with
the equipment for this force and they lack some of the bindings necessary for their skis. This sort of elementary error is typical of
the muddled way the whole Norwegian Campaign has been conducted and will go on being conducted
on the Allied side.” By the 19th, the 146th, which has advanced
to Steinkjer, is forced to retreat to Namsos. Side note here, the Anglo-French forces at
Namsos are under the command of acting Major General Carton de Wiart, about whom you’ll
hear more next week. Anyhow, at the end of the first week of allied
landings, the Germans have complete air superiority and heavily bomb Namsos. There is no natural cover, as I said. Meanwhile, the Germans advancing from Oslo
reach Lillehammer and Rena. As for the administration of the conquered
territory, this is the Quisling situation. Germany’s ambassador to Norway, Curt Brauer,
is maneuvering Vidkun Quisling from power only a few days after Quisling set up a new
government. Hitler has written to Quisling thanking him
for his service and promising him some sort of position in the new governing commission,
but that’s not the same thing as being PM of a new Norwegian government. On the 15th, power is officially transferred
from the Quisling Cabinet to an Administrative Council of 7 men that Hitler hopes will be
able to work with Norway’s King Haakon. The Council is actually established by members
of Norway’s Supreme Court and is chaired by Ingolf Christensen. At this point, to the world at large, Quisling
is known as both a traitor and a failure. The occupation of Norway is just beginning,
but there’s news this week from an occupation now well over two years old. The Chinese Winter Offensive had shown that
China’s armed forces could do the occupying Japanese some real damage, and indeed the
Chinese are still harassing the Japanese with guerrilla attacks in the Shanxi-Hebei region. Japanese General Tada Toshi has built moats
and walls alongside the railway there, and even European style concrete pillboxes to
try and protect it, but this still doesn’t do the job, so this month the First Japanese
Army orders are, “Destroy enemy forces throughout southern Shanxi province and paralyze their
activities at their sources, thus crippling Chiang’s (Kai-Shek) government and, at the
same time, extending the Japanese-occupied area in order to expedite the creation of
a peaceful and orderly North China.” Now on the 17th, the Japanese attack the north
bank of the Yellow River at Monan. They face stiff resistance, but next week
will capture Jincheng. And this week comes to an end, and as it does
on April 20th, Adolf Hitler turns 51, making him the same age I am, and his mood turns
as well, he is not only elated by success, he orders a new SS regiment created (Gilbert),
to be called Nordland, and to be made up of Germans, Danes, and Norwegians. He has reason to be elated for the time being,
for his invasion of Norway is so far a great success, as his forces advance, battering
both the Norwegian defenders and the Anglo-French new arrivals. Something I read in Max Hastings’ “All
Hell Let Loose” shows the general reaction of the locals to invasion. “The Norwegians displayed implacable hostility
to their invaders. Even when compelled to acknowledge subjugation,
they were unimpressed by explanations.” Ruth Maier, an Austrian Jew who had escaped
the Nazis to Norway, but who will die in the gas chamber at Auschwitz two years from now,
writes in her diary of watching some German soldiers telling the Oslo locals that the
Poles had killed 60,000 German civilians in Poland before Germany invaded Poland to protect
the rest of them. A Norwegian local asked the soldiers if they
really believe that they are in Norway to protect the Norwegians, as it now says in
the local papers. The soldiers say that they are, in fact, there
to protect the Norwegians from the British. And this they do believe. We’ve talked in both this series and in
B2W and War Against Humanity about the stunning effect of total propaganda; that to the world
at large the German invasion of Poland was a dastardly act of unwarranted aggression,
but to the average German civilian it was justified, or even necessary, because the
Poles were killing all the ethnic Germans in Poland and planning to invade Germany. I mean, that’s what the papers and the radio
had been telling them every single day all last summer. I mean, they wouldn’t lie about that, right? Why would anyone make that up? If you want to see more about the broadcast
and control of information in the 20th century, check out our Between 2 wars episode about
the explosion of the radio age right here. Our patreon supporter of the week is James
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  1. We have returned back from our roadtrip to France. As I wrote last week, we have filmed many very interesting locations and learned tons of fascinating or shocking stories. For every day that we were filming in Northern France last week, we have uploaded a short vlog-style video to show our whereabouts and showcase some funny moments with the crew. We had a great time and we hope that you will enjoy the specials when they are released over the spring. You can check out the first episode of the daily roadtrip video's right here:



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