The Rickshaw Adventure – Ch.5: Our Thoughts!

(playful sitar music) – Last day, man. It’s almost kind of sad. I am going to miss this place. (upbeat sitar music) (engines loudly humming) – [Mike] A few hours later, we arrived in our final destination, Goa, where our journey
would come to an end. – Arrived at the hotel, but… Unbelievable… words
cannot describe this trip. Amazing… can’t thank these guys enough for letting me tag along, either. My mind is blown. It’s kind of sad that
it’s coming to a close, but it feels like we’ve
been here like a month. I can’t wait to tell everyone all the cool stories that we had and the journeys and problems. It was great. – Haggard, nerves are frayed, but we’re here, so it’s pretty good. – It’s a really good experience. Highly recommended. It’s one for the record books, for sure. – The first couple of days there, I was, for sure, a little nervous. We broke down multiple times, and I was like, this is
going to be a hectic week, but we pushed through. Everyone had a good time. Nobody got sick. We learned so much about
India in five days. They’re some of the nicest
people I ever met in my life. So cool, an adventure
of a lifetime, for sure. (quiet guitar music) – [Mike] What had started out as four guys doing a ridiculous journey
across India and took-tooks, turned into so much more. Not only did we have the
adventure of the lifetime with countless memories to recollect, we also left with nothing but admiration and love for the Indian people. The countless times they’d
gone out of their way and stopping whatever they were doing to help us in any way possible, we never really experienced before. More so than anything,
my brother-in-law Ryan left this trip taken back, amazed, ready to get out there and start exploring more of the world we live in. And at the end of the day, that’s really my goal for everyone. (children speaking foreign language) (lively sitar music) (people shouting)

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