The OLD PATAGONIAN EXPRESS: Epic STEAM TRAIN Ride in Patagonia, Argentina ๐Ÿš‚

The OLD PATAGONIAN EXPRESS: Epic STEAM TRAIN Ride in Patagonia, Argentina ๐Ÿš‚

one of her favorite experiences in
Patagonia was riding the old Patagonian Express this is one of the best-known
train journeys in the world made even more famous by Paul Theroux
1979 account to where he sought to ride trains from his hometown in
Massachusetts as far south as Argentina today the old Patagonian Express may
only be a fraction of what it once was but it’s an exciting journey
nevertheless and we knew we had to ride it this tourist steam train may cover
only a short distance but it’s a fun way to experience the nostalgia of early
20th century train travel and it also allows you to soak in the magical
landscapes of the Patagonian stack now let’s hop aboard and begin this journey
well good morning good morning morning guys today we ride the old Patagonian
Express all through fame how pumped are you super pumped and before we even
gored the Train we’ve had a chance to kind of see how it’s been getting
prepared for today’s journey can’t wait to get on yeah actually just experience
what it’s like to ride on this classical train they actually recommend that you
arrive 30 minutes beforehand to kind of like watch the process which is really
cool and they also have a little museum off to the side which I think we’ll
visit when we get back from the trip but yeah a crowd has started to gather on
the platform and we’re all excited to ride this train lateral cheaper here
there you go okay so we have a few moments before we have to board so this
is a good time to talk about the price to ride the old Patagonian Express so we
paid 32 US dollars per person it’s going to be a one-hour journey going there
then I believe we get about 45 minutes at the next stop to visit a museum enjoy
the scenery and then it’s another one-hour journey coming back and you
need to arrive here 30 minutes before departure 9:30 a.m.
hello peppers this is my new friend don’t run away friend right there he’s a
friendly one yes so that’s how much it costs the train station is just three
blocks north from the bus terminal in Esquel it’s very easy to get here on foot if you’re
staying in the center of town there’s also some people who are doing tours I
guess coming from some neighboring cities maybe even
um so they arrived by coach well yeah it’s gonna be cool and no to the
platform everyone’s gathered over there must be tolling maybe because we were
the first ones to meet yes we’re gonna be your friends today aren’t we do you
want to be a YouTube star puppers no no no he prefers to live a quiet life here
in a skin that’s okay we understand that poppers you know what’s so cool I know that
place where people are sitting yeah I actually firewood I just fired very nice
yeah all the board word looks like stocked this is the thing to do right
yeah exactly yeah to give you a bit more information in
Spanish the steam train is known as lateral cheetah this translates to
little gage and it’s a nickname that refers to the trains super narrow gage
of only 75 centimetres this railway line was originally planned as part of a
larger network that would connect all of Patagonia however the project was never
completed due to government changes and then the start of the first world war
which also affected the Argentine economy today the old Patagonian Express
operates an alternating locomotives one is a Baldwin from the US and the other a
Henschel from Germany the wooden wagons came from Belgium and the heaters well
those were later installed in Argentina to make the journeys across Patagonian
winter a little bit more bearable we made it to the station this is our
stuff now in fun junkyard of a 45 minutes fun so we are currently
gathering our little snacks for lunch I picked up a fried cake daughter frita to
alfajores Salmons in line buying shoddy pan sausage in a bun and then we’ve got
ourselves a lunch this is gonna be tasty I’ve uh
let’s go god lunchtime guys and we got fresh for off
of the asado the grill and round and chimichurri well worth the wait in my
opinion so it’s a chorizo sausage you know you know in a bond and a bond it’s
the best way of describing we also got over here if you look down here this is
like a frito something baked not sure if there’s anything inside or not and two
special kinds of alfajores this one is dulce de leche okay raisins with rum and
this is a very special one because it is it’s basically well style it’s the watch
cake we’ve been having in all these Welsh towns
I’m not amazing let’s cook the perfection that I got to watch it being
prepared the whole time master it just has a lot of these on the grill there’s
a lot of people waiting in line um anyone lucky enough to get one of these
before our train leaves is gonna have a delicious life yeah our little friend
here realized we’re eating Trudi fun and he’s like oh yeah I’m down for that
are you down for that Oh Sam’s not really down for that he’s like I want to
eat mine oh sure don’t worry Pappas I’ll share with you taste yeah we should
probably from some of the trade no next up dr. Freda I’m gonna break it in half
so we don’t know if there’s a filling oh no it’s just fried dough that’s a bit disappointing okay not
amazing connotates like a donut with no sugar and no filling like a
savory donut I can see why people are buying this with coffee okay it’s like
you need something – yeah so it’s a cheap little snack bar not me nothing
not as good to join obviously already taking a bite of this delicious Alfa
whore mmm special edition one with raisins and rum it still has the dulce
de leche in the middle it has a chocolate coating good and it’s a winter
edition hmm perfect yeah room to keep you warm
during those cold winter long make sense so good that cookie is so like sometimes
the worst part of the alfajores the cookie but the cookie is delicious it’s
a lot of good stuff marvelous you know what as good as these are I’m just
absolutely craving another chori pan I think there’s a huge line I don’t see
myself being able to get crap get another one it’s funny that is that it’s
the grill masters dog so he actually he had to come get some water quickly and
he saw his dog was trying to bum some from us he shooed it away so good though
everything’s been delicious there’s also a museum we should probably visit before
we get back on the night yeah we luckily did have enough time to visit the Museum
of Patagonian culture it’s a small museum with two rooms but inside you can
find lots of ceramics musical instruments and textiles plus if you
speak Spanish you can also get a digital information from the museum guide just
maybe don’t leave it till the last minute like we did the train is just
about ready they’re putting the locomotive up front because the
carriages don’t change positions that means if you travel on the right-hand
side of the chain you’re going back on the right-hand side of the train so they
told us to be good about sharing the windows so everyone can enjoy the views
time to head back and I’ll just gonna give us the tour here while I bump my
head through seems like knocking his head he’s too tall for the
world yeah this is not her carriage no this one is fancier it has leather seats
yes we’ve been traveling like on hard wooden benches yeah I didn’t even know
they had different classes maybe they don’t maybe you just get a nice seat oh
my gosh is that an old-fashioned stove yeah so each compartment no no thanks
I’m not yet but yeah that’s how they would have heated this train so cool so
incredible inside of these things it’s been a really fun journey I have to say
yeah incredibly scenic and we should probably show you you know that one is
still fancy this way this way it’s not so fancy this is what we were traveling in there
you have it little benches it’s not bad for one hour ride and yet you’ve got
little here yeah for months this is what I was sitting on for a while to get some
of the interviews have these house in Argentina I check out you can see the
numbers on the seats those are the numbers it’s a sign 17 which is cool
otherwise people would be fighting to sit side of the train which is the most
scenic kind of leaving town you haven’t use of the valley indeed
honestly I don’t think you can really go wrong Yeah right
left right left it’s pretty cool all abou his board the train and this
time we’re at the very back no I was just so much fun
I’m so happy to get that a lunch I was eating this this particular I was oh
this is a we pastor totally mister compartment here we go buddy Marika again mrs. Luthor may be
done better just simple children although service Pierre Bouguer a baby who knows this he
mentioned you maybe it took a you support for the Seco
607 case buddy buddy buddy Burgess can you book a baby who know does this
even send your computer baby kit you can use of people buddy buddy but ricotta is funny buddy
buddy but yes we’re back we’re back that was a lot of
fun I really enjoyed it yeah what did your knee I mean so scenic and so
fascinating to ride such a vintage train in Esquel like that and you know what we had
perfect weather for the whole journey yeah now we’re back in it’s starting to
look gray and overcast but yeah it was perfect the whole time we were out there
we ate really well yeah the Sun peeked out and I was behind the cloud perience
I asked for more information at the train station mm-hmm because this used
to be a route that ran for 402 kilometers right and there’s a few
different points where you can still travel like little little sections like
over to the next station one places in my den yeah and the other one is in
El Maiten Esquel so they still run the Train
it’s there as well yes less frequently like this is the most popular spot out
of SK yeah they said that during low season are actually like the whole year
it departs on Saturdays at 10:00 in the morning
yeah but then when it’s high tourist season there’s like more frequency if
you’re on the fence about doing it definitely do it it’s so much old
patagonian express in chubut yeah and the cool thing is you you finish by like one or
two so yeah it doesn’t take up your whole day it’s a half the activity so uh
yeah it was awesome we’ll see you guys in the next episode from chubut see you ciao

32 thoughts on “The OLD PATAGONIAN EXPRESS: Epic STEAM TRAIN Ride in Patagonia, Argentina ๐Ÿš‚

  1. Awesome video guys! There are a lot of old steam trains still operating here in the UK as well ๐Ÿ˜ƒ I might take a trip one day ๐Ÿ‘Œ thanks for the inspiration ๐Ÿ‘

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