The Making Of Lil Skies’ “Welcome To The Rodeo” With Taz Taylor | Deconstructed

The Making Of Lil Skies’ “Welcome To The Rodeo” With Taz Taylor | Deconstructed

The day that I made this beat right here I
was in L.A. for two and a half weeks doing 16 hour sessions everyday. So I started making a beat. I’m like I’m gonna give
another beat to Skies. As soon as I made it, Skies is just like,
“Bro this shit’s crazy like instantly.” He sent me a text message. He’s like “Bro, you got one” and then the engineer
hit me and she’s like, “Yo this is crazy.” It just happened to be the one. Internet producers do everything ourselves. We design our own graphics. We drop whatever beats we want. We kind of develop the industry because all
of the sounds that we make … The drum kits the industry producers get, the sounds and
everything all comes from the Internet so, we’re like the first people to ride the wave. I started selling beats because I needed money. I dropped out of the seventh grade. My mom had cancer. We’ve been poor our whole life, that type
shit. I had to find ways to pay her bills. I was making half a million dollars online
a year, selling beats through “type beats.” That was the first dollar I ever had, never
had a job, never had nothing. The fact that the internet made that possible
for me selling beats regardless of if I was gonna get placements or not is just crazy. The most important thing when making a beat
is just feeling, like a vibe or a groove or something, like a bounce. When I made the beat, pretty much I was just
going through the kits I got from my website, WavSupply and finding melodies and different
loops and shit like that to work with and I came across this melody right here. I noticed it was too simple so what I wanted
to do at that point was find something that adds some bounce to it. So I pulled up the same sample and reversed
it. And I mean, that’s cool but whatever I did
then, it needs more bounce, especially if I’m just gonna add drums on top of this. I use this plugin, Filter Freak by Soundtoys
a lot, whenever I’m trying to establish bounce or a feeling in a certain melody or whatever. I use the preset Stepped Up Suite. It just adds something different to it. So that together with the actual melody, with
the effect and everything put on it … What I normally do after I do the melody is
straight 808 because it’s still a melodic instrument. I just normally follow the pattern
of the original melody. I didn’t use no effects. I didn’t put nothing, no compressors. I just keep it pretty bare. It’s all in… the actual sound. The kick pretty much hits on a lot of the
same notes the 808 does but I have the 808 kinda stuttering on certain parts that the
kick isn’t and the kick is stuttering on certain parts that the 808 isn’t. So like, together… And then the hi-hats… I used the MIDI kit from our site that Nick
Mira and I literally just dropped the MIDI in there. It just worked, you know what I mean? Who am I to say no? At that point, I felt like it needed more
bounce, so I added this last thing, just a simple hi-hat. Then, the whole beat together … People over complicate beats, most of the
time. The most simple beats are the ones that work cause it gives the artist the room to get in there and do whatever they want to do. Being in the studio with Skies, what makes
him fun is the fact that you know a lot of artists will just get in there and make
music just for the sake of making music. They don’t care what the beat is or whatever like that. But he’s very particular in what he does and
he wants everything he touches to be great in some type of way. I really respect that from him. Of his whole album, this is probably Skies’
most energetic track. You know what I mean? It’s a good song to open up a show with. A good song to open up his album with. I’m just glad I was a part of it. There’s no favorite lines from the song. He did say, “Shittin’ on these haters,
you could say I’m constipated,” which doesn’t make sense but alright dog. 100% Skies. Do your thing boy.

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  1. Lmao the last thing that guy said at the end of the video, since when do you have to make sense when making ¢ents? 🤔

  2. When he says “shitting on theses haters you can say I’m constipated” it means he has no hater

  3. How the fuck is 16 hour sessions even possible oh my gawd

  4. U didn’t drop out 7 grade lol wtf u dropped out in 11th grade that’s FACTs.
    Foster system would have got yo ass quick and u ain’t from no gang this isn’t 1994 or 2006 come one get with the program gee no need to lie to kick iitt

    When I was in 6 grade I dropped out and joined a gang and spent most my life in and out of juvi and prison even when I was 12 in juvi u have to go to school .

  5. Not a fan of lil skies at ALL! Or NOT a fan of MUMBLE RAPPERS so when you come with some skills and talent not MUMBLE stumble fumbles Crumble ass Noise… well even then I won't be impressed so don't even try it's too late for all MUMBLE RAPPERS

  6. Lmao he doesn't get the line…"Shitting on my haters you can say I'm constipated"….means he has no haters you degenerate 😂😂

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