The Last American Rodeos (Part 2/2)

[MUSIC PLAYING] BERT JONES: I compete usually
every weekend. Every Friday nights, I’ll be
competing at Cave Creek, out by Phoenix, Arizona at a place
called Buffalo Chip. And I pretty much go over there
because they pay pretty good money. Then Saturdays and Sundays, I
would just go anywhere where they would have bull ridings. Tonight. I don’t know about tonight. There will probably be quite
a bit of people. Quite a bit of spectators. So it should be a pretty
good turnout tonight. I was entered in a bull ride
in Encienta, and the bull stepped right on the
back of my head. And he knocked me out. And then he hit his horn right
on the back of my head. And then he stepped on me. And I was flown out to
Flagstaff, Arizona. And I didn’t come through
until two days later. And I had four concussions. Broken ankles. Dislocated elbow. Stitches in my mouth. Inside my mouth, outside. Right above my eyes. Broken fingers, broken wrists. EARL TSOSIE, JR.: At the
beginning of June, I went to this rodeo in Vanderwagen. Vanderwagen, New Mexico. I got on this white horse. I’d been on him before
at that same rodeo. I’d got on the horse, maybe
about a good four seconds. He reared up. And then he fell on
me backwards. I got hung up too. On that horse. I fell off the wrong way and I
got hung up for maybe a good six minutes. That was a very long time. It happened real
fast, you know? I remember spurring. Making a [INAUDIBLE] right. And all of a sudden the
horse flipped back. Hurt my back pretty bad. [NATIVE AMERICAN MUSIC] RODEO ANNOUNCER: Let’s have
a nice round of applause. [INAUDIBLE] Let’s hear it. EARL TSOSIE, JR.: That
looks scary. No. That was after a rodeo. We ate dinner, and we ate out. This guy wanted to get
on some rides. I was like no. I ate a lot. This ain’t for me. Those rides are like,
way up there. And spinning. He forced me on, so
I had to get on. For now, like us for sure, we’re
in the rodeo business. There’s no turning back
once you start. So, you could get hurt. You could buck off
here and there. But you just put that behind,
don’t look back, and just get on again. RODEO ANNOUNCER: [INAUDIBLE] BERT JONES: But with
the bulls they’ll– once they go in they’ll– they’ll be ready. Some of them will stand in the
[INAUDIBLE] and then they’ll start kind of really
getting antsy. Wanting to buck. It’s pretty fun to watch. It’s just like probably
seeing you kids play basketball, do something. I mean you want them
your boots so your boots won’t fall off. I mean you don’t want to
ride a bull perfectly. So I’ll be bull riding
tonight and hopefully we’ll get a good drawing. Turn out big scores tonight. The way I do it is like
I pray to the bull. I’m just asking him for the
strength to ride him. Just to be safe while
I’m on him. And I’m not there to hurt
him or anything. And that’s just pretty much
what I say to him. And they’ll listen. Their ears on one side
will kind of wave. But they know. They understand. RODEO ANNOUNCER: [INAUDIBLE] Got my arm behind me. And it just shifted
my whole hips. And then threw me off. So it’s kind of upsetting but
you’ve just got to roll your stuff back up and get to
the next bull ride. [BELLS CLANGING] [MUSIC PLAYING] EARL TSOSIE, JR.: When you get
there, you get in your own mood, you know? Something changes. Me and the animal. They live in the [INAUDIBLE]. He knows what he’s
going to do– what he’s going to do there
when they bring it. [MUSIC PLAYING] RODEO ANNOUNCER: He’s
out of there. Looks like he’s out of bounds. Oh yeah ladies and gentlemen. [INAUDIBLE] right there. He’s showing you
how it’s done. [BUZZER] EARL TSOSIE, JR.: We go
out there and show our stuff out there. And show those guys what
we’ve got too. Ride against the best
in the world. That’s one of my main goals. It’s kind of like our job. And we’re trying to stay
out of trouble. And we just keep riding,
driving, riding. Going to the next rodeo. [INAUDIBLE] finals was picking
up, so we’ve got to really keep our focus. And keep our “A”
game together. And start thinking about the
rodeo more from now on. And go to the finals. And hopefully get that
world title. Hopefully it all turns
out our way. The way we want it to be, so. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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