Tesla Stock: Bull Case vs Bear Case | Full Documentary

Tesla Stock: Bull Case vs Bear Case | Full Documentary

I’ve been called obsessed with this by a lot
of people. I don’t usually talk stocks around the apartment,
because it drives my girlfriend crazy. I especially don’t talk Tesla. And by the way, it’s not– it’s not ruling
my life. I mean, I don’t think about it while I’m out
to dinner, or while I’m sleeping, or whatever. But none of us can believe what’s so obvious
and out there in plain sight is being improperly priced by the markets. I have tremendous amount of fans in the real
world. Like, when I go out in LA, and people start
talking about Tesla and my reputation with Tesla–
I mean, I’m getting clients because of this. I’m going up to San Francisco. This whole Tesla club wants to meet me. Tesla fans are rabid fans and they love me
for sticking up for Tesla. Tesla is perhaps the most polarizing company
in stock market history. Where some see brilliant disruption, others
find blatant fraud. This is a story about innovation, belief,
money, lies– I love Tesla. Thank you, Elon Musk. Tesla is a fraud, what else is new. [INTERPOSING VOICES]
And a whole lot of noise– There is no comparing any company to Tesla. It’s a Wall Street debt story. It’s a Page Six story. It is a Silicon Valley story. It is an American dream story. And it is a mess. Tesla is disrupting the existing world order
and the traditional– the old guard does not like that. Very truly, I am offended by the dishonesty
of Elon Musk. I’m biased. I’m biased to a guy who’s made me millions
of dollars. Everyday there’s like a new you know, scammy
thing that comes out about this company. Some people on Wall Street love it. And some people see a dishonest company that’s
going off the rails. In Tesla, the bulls see a truly innovative
brand, upending the status quo of the auto industry and ushering in a sustainable age
of travel that frees us from fossil fuels and brings us closer to the ubiquity of AI. At the helm, they see a genius and a visionary,
pushing the boundaries of what we think is possible. A billionaire celebrity CEO for the modern
age. Me, I think the whole thing is a gigantic
fraud. And it’s going to end up hitting the wall
and likely taking the market down with it. I’ve spent 35 years working in financial markets,
in seven countries all around the globe. I’ve seen every boom, bust, and bubble since
the mid-1980s, but I’ve never seen anything like Tesla. And I’m not alone. Number one, it has nothing meaningfully proprietary
in terms of technology. Number two, it loses a lot of money. It’s lost all this money before the real competition
has come in. Mark Spiegel is one of the poster boys of
an online community of Tesla skeptics who’ve been dubbed TSLA-Q.
TSLA-Q are a bunch of guys who found each other on Twitter, who all came to be short
this stock, Tesla. Short sellers bet against stocks, borrowing
shares, and then selling them in order to profit if the price goes down. If they’re wrong, short sellers expose themselves
to unlimited losses, so they need to have a high degree of confidence in their thesis. When a stock enters bankruptcy, it gets a
Q attached to the end of the ticker. And so we kind of thought that was a clever
way of referring to Tesla, because that’s where we think it’s headed. TSLA-Q has grown organically through social
media, attracting experts from all kinds of different fields, many of them outside finance. Why are we out doing practical research? Because we can’t get the truth about this
company. Lying is like breathing for this company. They’ve done it for so long they don’t know
the difference. Many TSLA-Q members prefer to stay anonymous
for fear of retribution from Elon Musk. And they have good reason. Musk has attacked critics before. I have searched for reasonable, quantifiable,
bullish arguments to support the value of Tesla equity, exhaustively. And I have not found one. And the lack of it over time only hardens
one’s views. I have never shorted a stock in my life, in
any way, except Tesla. Its stock is stratospherically valued relative
to fundamentals. The company is valued at over $50 billion,
putting it among the top seven auto manufacturers in the world. There’s just one problem. When you have a celebrity CEO and $50 billion
in market cap, a lot of things can happen for free. But Tesla never was really profitable. While industry stalwarts record massive profits
every single year, the only time Tesla has reported consecutive net income in its 16
years of existence was during the last two quarters of 2018. Tesla loses money and regularly makes headlines
for all the wrong reasons. Breaking news on Tesla– it is cutting about
9% of its workforce. Tesla is now facing a criminal investigation
over statements made by their CEO’s Elon Musk. Even good news for Tesla comes with a caveat. The announcement of a much delayed $35,000
Model 3 was supposed to be a milestone, but it came with layoffs and a shift to online
sales only. A week later, the company walked back its
plan for store closures, perhaps not realizing leases can’t be reneged upon unless a company
is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. For any ordinary company, the kind of bad
press which has cascaded down on Tesla in recent months would be fatal. Tesla, however, is anything but ordinary. If Tesla went bankrupt the stock would probably
go up that day. I think Tesla is hilariously overpriced. You’ll find other people who think Tesla is
undervalued at $300 a share. Some people think it’s worth $4,000. The passion felt by the bears is counterbalanced
by an unswerving faith in Elon Musk from the bulls. I have no concerns about Tesla’s viability. Tesla is delighting the consumer. This is a replay of Amazon. I lived through Amazon through its ups and
downs. Years where they weren’t earning money and
questions about viability. Meaning, the traditional retailers were going
to kill Amazon. If you were looking through the lens of disruptive
innovation, you knew that wasn’t true. You just push this button here. My opinion of Tesla is well-documented, but
I wanted to give one of the company’s most ardent supporters the chance to change my
mind. What for? It’s pretty cool, my kids love it. And that included the autopilot function. So I’ll switch it on now. So it’s on. OK, and I’m done. Feet come up, I don’t need to do anything. I can play on my phone. I can do whatever I want. This could be one of the more challenging
intersections in LA, the 405 and the 10. And you see people keep cutting me off. Do I look nervous? Do I look like I even need to grab the steering
wheel? No, because the truth of the matter is right
now the car sees– nobody’s done anything dumb enough that I need to take it off yet. This is a car that has great handling, great
car. But technology that nobody’s even come close
to even touching. It’s the iPhone of cars. And maybe you want to listen to some music. You can switch between music channels, podcasts,
whatever. There’s the charging screen. So it shows your battery level. You know, we could debate this all night,
but in 10 years, everybody’s going to have a car that looks like this. It might not be made my Tesla, but they’ll
all be like this. The competition is well on its way. The Jaguar I-PACE has debuted to rave reviews. Porsche is promoting its Taycan and plans
to make half its vehicles electric or hybrid by 2025. Audis’ e-tron will be on the market by the
second quarter of 2019. Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, every luxury car brand
will be introducing fleets of electric vehicles. But the key to Tesla’s future is to be able
to deliver mass market, affordable luxury. It’s faster than almost every car on the road. Which is pretty funny for a $45,000 car. It looks great. And that’s something a lot of people don’t
value. They don’t understand, oh, the I3, or, oh
this or that. I don’t want to be seen in a Volt. I’m not getting in a Volt for anything. WOTesla has 80% share of the electric vehicle
market in the United States. It’s in the top five selling of all cars,
gas powered or electric. The consumer is speaking very loudly here. Tesla’s Model 3 was one of the best selling
luxury vehicles in 2018. But the road to making it encapsulated everything
the bears say is wrong with Tesla. It’s big reveal was in 2016. And despite some creative marketing from Musk,
the Model 3 landed about $10,000 above his promised price. According to Musk himself, selling a $35,000
version would be fatal to the company. Along the way, hundreds of thousands of people
signed up for the wait list, each forking over a $1,000 deposit, while Tesla experienced
massive production delays. Welcome, welcome, welcome to production to
hell. They were even forced to build a giant tent
the size of two football fields at the factory in Fremont, California to use as a third production
line, raising questions on quality for TSLA-Q. The tent was my aha moment. Yeah, that was the moment when I realized
we we’re not dealing with a serious company. We were dealing with a desperate individual
who had set performance metrics that he couldn’t meet and was now in a situation that he couldn’t
completely control. In February of 2019, the Model 3 finally reached
its promised $35,000 price. However, praise from the critics had started
to falter. Tesla shares falling almost 4% after Consumer
Reports says it’s no longer going to recommend the Model 3 due to reliability issues. Online you’ll find Tesla owners complaining
about their cars not functioning in frigid temperatures, about fenders falling off, and
serious battery degradation. I should be getting 120 kilowatts. Only getting 31. But for every unhappy customer there are Tesla
consumers who are extremely vocal, almost evangelical about how much they love their
cars. Wow, you can get in that little space? I don’t believe you can get in that little
small space. He’s got plenty of space there. Oh, shucks now! Hush your mouth and go slap somebody. You gotta to buy me one of these. The Model 3 has become a bit of an infatuation
for TSLA-Q. And the building of that tent was the catalyst for what’s become known as
the SAF, The Shorty Air Force, a way to try and verify Tesla’s official production numbers. Folks were analyzing Apple Maps satellite
photos and Google Earth satellite photos. And I watched them doing this, and I thought,
wow, this stuff is really old. I mean, at the very best case, they were looking
at aerial photographs or satellite photographs that were weeks old and possibly even months
old. Machine Planet flies regular sorties over
Tesla’s Fremont facility to document the company’s progress, or otherwise. Other members monitor parking lots all over
the country, where it’s reported that hundreds of seemingly brand new Teslas are mysteriously
parked. There are 150 Model 3s sitting in this lot. To TSLA-Q, this looks like a plot to hide
what would be a dangerous lack of demand. TSLA-Q can get a little out of hand. Sometimes it assigns malicious intent to things
that at Tesla could also just be incompetence. There is a gap between Model 3 deliveries
and registrations. According to what former employees have told
me, it does not have a good tracking system for its registration. And its delivery system is just wrong. But it isn’t necessarily because Tesla is
trying to keep more cars on its balance sheet to borrow against. Tesla’s press office is famously tight lipped,
which doesn’t help dissipate speculation. And Musk himself, has become notorious for
making promises that have more often than not failed to become reality, especially when
it comes to deadlines. Consequently, TSLA-Q members are constantly
on the prowl for every bit of Tesla news. They’ve launched a website, produce podcasts,
talked to the media, and make very detailed charts, lots and lots of charts. Their zeal to prove Elon Musk and his company
are failing is impressive. They’ve got people tracking his private jet. You know, where’s he going now. Where’s he going now? And this is not a way to lead a healthy, balanced
lifestyle, but it might be a way to get an edge on your big bet on Wall Street. I have never seen anything like TSLA-Q in
my seven years reporting about Wall Street. Tesla fan-boys are vindicated by each new
announcement from Elon Musk. The TSLA-Q are always there to provide a counterargument. If Musk says Tesla will produce more cars,
TSLA-Q questions demand. When Musk tweets before a bond payment is
due, the doubters see stock pumping. The unveiling of Tesla’s newest Model Y is
met with questions about where and how it will be made. The Model Y–
There’s nothing, they don’t have a factory to build a Model Y in. They don’t have enough money to develop it
or buy the equipment for it. They need billions of dollars right now. At some point even the stupidest investors
wake up and stop pouring money down a rat hole. Tesla has $12 billion in debt and Elon Musk
has said multiple times that the company has been on the verge of bankruptcy. Which leads us to another big TSLA-Q fixation. Back in 2016, the company acquired SolarCity,
which was helmed by Elon’s cousin. At that time the company was basically bankrupt,
but Elon convinced his shareholders that if they bought the company in an all stock deal,
then it would turn Tesla into this conglomerate dedicated to renewable energy. Unfortunately, SolarCity also had $700 million
in debt. The solar roof shingles that Elon showed off
to sell people on the merger in 2016 still have not reached the market. And it’s almost three years now. So now SolarCity’s debt is Tesla’s problem. Talk about an aha moment. If you weren’t already suspicious of Musk
before the SolarCity acquisition, that should have been all the evidence you needed that
he will act in his own best interest and no one else’s interests. Because that was indefensively harmful to
Tesla. I frankly think when the test of story is
over that will be the Waterloo for Elon Musk. Musk may be the driving force behind Tesla,
but some also see him as its biggest liability. Brilliant, impulsive, reckless. Tweeting with abandon and some loose facts
have landed Musk in hot water with regulators. In August 2018, he said he was taking the
company private and had funding secured. It turned out he didn’t. Today the SEC filed securities fraud charges
against Elon Musk, the chairman and CEO of Tesla Motors. He settled securities fraud charges and can’t
deny– you know, under the settlement, can’t deny that he has committed securities fraud. Impulsiveness is not just doing something
rash. And when you run a public company, that can
get you in real trouble. Neither celebrity status nor reputation as
a technological innovator provide an exemption from the Federal Securities Laws. Tesla and Musk reached a settlement with the
SEC, which required both parties to pay a $20 million fine. Musk was forced to step down as the company’s
chairman and it was mandated that someone within the company approve any tweets about
Tesla, but that apparently hasn’t happened. Federal Regulators want Tesla CEO Elon Musk
held in contempt of court. They say he sent a tweet that violates a settlement
restricting his public statements that could affect Tesla stock’s performance. Musk and the SEC are now engaged in a legal
battle over free speech, executive accountability for misleading statements, and potential market
manipulation. I think I’ve never seen so many cameras my
entire life. There’s cameras everywhere. Elon Musk is the most untrustworthy pathologically
lying large cap CEO I think I’ve ever seen. If Steve Jobs had, had access to Twitter I
guarantee you, we would have been– you would’ve been asking the same questions. He declared thermonuclear war against Google
when it released Android. And he said he was going to spend every single
dollar of cash that Apple had to destroy Android. That would have been all over Twitter. Increasingly, however, calls for Musk to step
aside are getting louder. How much longer can this go on before Musk
is shunted to one side? This guy’s going to attack the SEC? How about removing him? Elon Musk as a fake engineer, and a fake scientist,
and a fake prophet, and a fake visionary. He’s our Thomas Edison. He’s– He’s brilliant. He’s an innovator, an inventor, a Renaissance
man in many ways. I mean there’s– I think people can’t relate
to him because there are not many people like him. Elon Musk is reportedly worth over $21 billion
and he’s been at the center of more than one globally recognized business. And lift off–
SpaceX is pushing the boundaries for private enterprise in space travel. And while Musk didn’t found Tesla, he was
the company’s first big investor before becoming its CEO. And his other venture, the Boring Company,
is testing underground tunnels in Los Angeles, which will, according to Musk, change the
future of mass transportation. Musk has become a cultural icon, making cameos
in Hollywood movies and being described as the real life Iron Man. His marriages and dating life lead to headlines
and red carpets. I’ve never covered a company whose CEO gets
invited to the Metropolitan Gala. But Elon’s there every year. If you ask the average American to name a
business leader they’re going to be hard pressed to come up with anyone besides Elon Musk. Some of the stories surrounding Musk have
a decidedly salacious feel to them. Tesla CEO Elon Musk, is the subject of a new
controversy after he appeared to smoke marijuana during a podcast interview. Elon Musk hiring legal muscle as he faces
an SEC probe. He also went after that cave rescuer again,
calling him a child rapist. He’s kind of a wild and crazy guy. You know, I get that, I am too. I call us the Gen X leaders, where things
like Twitter and social media are a part of our business. You know, many of my employees worry about
my tweeting all the time, and my lawyers and my mom, but we’ve grown a huge business this
way because people know you’re real. Musk commands a legion of nearly 25 million
followers, many of them loyal supporters who defend him against any online criticism. He posts at all hours of the night and sometimes
makes his attacks personal. He also lashes out at the press and suggested
launching a website to rate the trustworthiness of reporters. He’s accused me of taking bribes from short
sellers who were betting against the company. He’s accused me of making up my sources. None of that is true. Linette Lopez has done considerable reporting
on Tesla, but one particular article made her a target. It focused on Tesla deciding to skip a critical
test on the Model 3 in order to speed up production. When I published that, Tesla didn’t deny it,
but it simply said that it had different ways of checking the brakes. And kind of mind your own business. A couple days later, Elon Musk starts going
off about how I’m paid by short sellers. And I also lie about the information that
I’m getting. And he started going through my Facebook profile. Or at least, as he put it, people were sending
him things about me, so he was just posting it on the internet. When he has millions and millions of followers,
who just believe anything he says, it just results in you being attacked. Musk also uses the press to whip up anger
toward short sellers, accusing them of desperately pushing a narrative that will possibly result
in Tesla’s destruction and calling them jerks who want us to die. Montana skeptic says Musk crossed the online
barrier and threatened him in real life. I became a target of people who wanted to
dox me and find out my identity. They were so offended at the things I was
writing about Tesla. Like, how the 10 Q would change from quarter
to quarter or how Tesla inflated its gross margin. Things that seemed technical and dry, that
they had to find out my identity. And I believe they shared it with Elon Musk. Either that, or he found out himself. So he found out who I was. And he contacted my boss. Musk said, this guy, Fossi, that works for
you, he’s writing things about me. If he keeps it up, I’m going to sue him for
defamation and you guys are going to be dragged into this. And you’re not going to like it. So I agreed I would stop writing at Seeking
Alpha. I have. I would delete my Montana Skeptic Twitter
account. It’s gone. And I’m kind of a happy bystander now to the
whole spectacle. A Tesla spokesperson later admitted they revealed
Montana Skeptic’s real name to the press as well as the identity of his employer. Subsequently, he’s become something of a martyr
for the Tesla Q cause. As Montana Skeptic, I was just a nobody. Suddenly, with this guy doxing me, he turns
me into an accidental celebrity. When asked online about Montana Skeptic, it
was Musk’s response which got media organizations to take notice. And so the people at Financial Times go what
the hell is– this guy, whose company lost a billion last year and is losing a billion
this year, and he’s going after some inconsequential guy who writes blogs? But if Musk had hoped to silence his critics,
his actions merely fired up Tesla Q. I started tracking his private jet at that
point. And whenever I post about the movements of
his private jet, those posts are titled Mr. Backfire Tracking Update. And that’s because I feel that the outing
of Montana has backfired against him in ways he’ll never even be able to fully comprehend. Being a short seller has historically invited
the ire of many market participants. My general opinion of short sellers is pretty
negative. Because I don’t like people who bet against
other people to be successful. They pretend like they’re private investigators
finding these frauds and they’re not. They’re not doing any justice for society
by any means. They’re trying to make money. Gerber often accuses TSLA-Q members of having
ties to the fossil fuel industry. Others, meanwhile, see a broad conspiracy
to bring Tesla down. We didn’t end up here because a bunch of us
sat in a room with Montana Skeptic and said, how are we going to bring this company down? Believe me, if short sellers had that capability,
we wouldn’t be bothering with Tesla. You know, we’d go after Google. We’d go after Jeff Bezos. This is small time, you know, if we had that
kind of power. Short sellers have always brought a needed
level of analysis and skepticism to the market. In a US market that has been characterized
by booms and busts for the past– as long as I’ve been alive. We really do perform a function that smooths
out the excesses of the market, but you know, it’s like if your best friend was in love
with a woman, is going to marry her, he doesn’t want to hear that there’s something wrong
with her. That hey, she was a high priced call girl
before you fell in love with her. He doesn’t want to hear that. And that’s the kind of the way it is with
people who are long stocks. They don’t want to hear their stock was a
hooker. But in the case of Tesla, the age-old battle
between short sellers and bullish investors has become deeply personal. Ross Gerber? Mm hmm. Oh, I think he’s– I think he’s silly. I think he has done no fundamental research
whatsoever on Tesla. He contradicts himself all the time on Twitter. I thought for a long time that Ross Gerber’s
Twitter account was just a parody account, but people tell me that’s really who he is. I don’t know what to say. This Mark– what’s his name? Spiegel guy– who’s one of the most quoted
short sellers, he barely has any money. I’m like, what? Why isn’t there some rule that you can’t really
say crap if you don’t actually manage real money? You know, and that’s the joke of this whole
thing. I’m the guy with $840 million on my computer,
buying and selling stocks for 5,000 people, OK. And these are guys sitting in their office
with like, $2 million of like, grandmas money pretending that they’re like real investors. It’s safe to say none of this would have happened
before the internet made it much easier for skeptics to be heard. Back in the 90s, this same community would
be posting on Yahoo message boards, you know. It would not be as easy for them to all congregate
around podcasts and Twitter DMs. Social media has made that for them. And for some, the 24 hour nature of the internet
has led this obsession to take a personal toll. I loath the thought of still having to tweet
about this stock in six months or a year. I just– But I can’t let it go because I’m
a deep obsessive. We have to be careful because there one of
the largest shareholders. While TSLA-Q jumped on news that Ark Invests
Cathie Wood, drastically cut her exposure to Tesla in early 2019, she says it was a
temporary move and doesn’t change her long term thinking. Tesla is at least three years ahead of any
other auto manufacturer and any other technology company. In the early days, when Tesla said it was
going to build a car on top of cell phone batteries, auto manufacturers laughed at them. Analysts laughed at them. And most technologists, engineers thought
that was impossible. They did it. According to the company, Tesla will also
soon be the first foreign car manufacturer to have a wholly owned factory in China. Although, as usual, questions about being
able to deliver on promises have arisen. As late as March of 2019, the site for the
new plant remained a muddy field. It’s supposed to be complete in May of this
year. Tesla’s kind in the middle of the trade war. So China loves Tesla, so we’re like, we’ll
give– you’ll be the first company we’ll give a factory to. We’ll fast track this. We’re going to say, look we’re letting an
American car maker build cars for our markets, see we’ve opened up. So that’s the good news for Tesla. They’ve got a site location, they’ve started
construction, and in China you can build 24 hours and there’s no labor laws. So they’re going to move very quickly. But what Tesla China does for Tesla is bring
the cost of production down substantially. There’s speculation about Tesla shifting the
majority of its production to China after years of receiving billions of dollars in
subsidies from the US. Another topic, that has many Tesla Q members
riled up. They are the beneficiary of endless subsidies. They are the beneficiary of mandates that
tie their competitors down like Gulliver among the Lilliputians. And that is what I find offensive. It’s a horrible misallocation of capital. There’s so many different forces that have
rolled into this story that are really interesting when you unpack it. You have green energy, you have tax incentives,
you have a larger than life leader of this company, you have big cheerleaders at the
big banks, and you have the world’s most famous short sellers with this company square in
its cross-hairs. Ultimately, whichever side you pick will depend
on many things, but number one on that list is your view of Elon Musk. I love you too. I love you too. The key element of the Tesla bull case and
the Tesla bear case is the same thing. It’s Elon Musk. Elon Musk is willing to do anything to win
is the bull case. And Elon Musk is willing to do anything to
win is the bear case. The believers in Tesla say they’re betting
on the future. Our starting point is a five year model and
we think that by the time five years comes around, this idea of Tesla is not just an
auto company and it’s not just a battery company, this is a software as a service company transforming
transportation. The next decade one of the greatest issues
we face is climate change, whether people want accept that or not. And Tesla’s is the only company that directly
addresses the challenges of creating a solution. But many of us see Tesla as the symbol of
a public willingness to ignore warning signs. Both of the imminent demise of a high profile
company and of a looming crash of much larger proportions, one tied to sky high valuations
and governments artificially pumping up the economy. Tesla is in some ways a poster child for what
has been a whole bubble market. I mean, its central bank money printing. But you know look, even if the central banks
weren’t printing money I’m not sure that Tesla wouldn’t be where it is anyway. I mean it, it is a cult stock as people say. But you know what happens with cult stocks? One day, or maybe not necessarily one day,
over time the followers drift away. Tesla and its CEO embody everything about
the world in the 21st century, from malinvestment and overvaluation to our obsession with Silicon
Valley and celebrity culture. If Tesla does come crashing to earth, as I
firmly believe it will, its demise will ripple through every asset market on earth. If I’m wrong, it may signal that much of what
we thought we knew about business is now obsolete. However, whether it ends well or badly, one
thing’s for certain– it won’t end quietly. Yeah, thank you very much. Bye.

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    Ps: Thomas Edison was a heartless piece of shit who had no respect for the world around him other than his own selfish needs. He tortured animals and humans to frame and discredit the famous inventor Nicola Tesla's, the same guy whom gave America and the world over Alternating Current. Thomas could only create Direct Current, that pathetic puke. How dare you compare Elon to a monster like Thomas Edison.

  12. just saying..anyone who is gonna judge tesla from this video, is just gonna lose a chance to earn more money in 10 yrs due to tsla….

  13. I watched the full documentary and still not convinced that I should sell tesla stocks, sorry. If you do manage to bring stock prices down more, that’s good so I can buy more at lower prices. The world needs short sellers! Without you guys, I wouldn’t had the chance to buy at these prices.

  14. First short sellers said Tesla would go bankrupt…………………………Tesla didnt
    Then they said they wouldnt bring the model 3 to marget…………….Tesla did
    Then They said Tesla would never be profitable……………………………Tesla did
    Then they said the $35,000 model 3 wouldnt come……………………….It did

    See any trends?

  15. Total Short Seller Propaganda. The so called Tesla killers Ipace, Etron ,Taycan all have less range than Tesla and they are using larger battery packs. No car manufacturer so far has the efficiency of the Tesla models. Tesla has the lead in charging infrastructure , battery technology,motor technology and automous driving. The legacy automakers are years behind.

  16. Internal Combustion engine 25% efficient. Electric motors 90% efficient allowing to remove the whole transmission. Its SCIENCE and not a fraud. More than 60% of all electricity is consumed by electric motors in factories. Because they are efficient.

  17. That's 30 min of my life I'll never get back, what a waste of time. Good documentaries report the facts and give you an unbiased opinion so that you can make up your own mind. Clearly Real Vision is focused on shorting Tesla, pretty sad when you want an american company that's focused on creating a better future for humanity to fail. Regardless if you like or dislike Tesla or Elon Musk, who doesn't want a cleaner, greener company to help stop the reliant on big oil.

  18. Wow, featuring serial liars like Mark Fraud Spiegel and Montana Septic, who have been wrong on Tesla 100% of the time? Way to shoot yourself on the foot. You really had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find these clowns.

  19. Just more biased rubbish. It would have been better to keep it more level between shorts and bulls guys. FAIL!

  20. "I'm long tesla" "short sellers desperate" sounds to me like all the bitcoin buyers at 20k put their money in Tesla at $380. "I'm long Tesla" is the new "HODL"

  21. Linette failed to explain why Tesla fans think she's payed by shorts: she has shown admiration for Jim Chanos in the same way she bashes Musk and the article that made her famous using Martin Tripp's "tips" about Tesla's wastes were shown to be impossible as quoted by Musk. Saying that he's lying just makes her a liar.

  22. 32:42 "if I'm wrong it may signal that much of what we thought we knew about business is now obsolete"

    Oh, that's for sure. I wrote about this here: https://medium.com/tesla-soul/conventional-thinking-c60a3f7309d0

  23. the journalist is too much involved in the documentary to be objective and it is his right to choose the bear case but we dont believe in your soup

  24. How can you call Tesla a fraud when they’re producing some of the world most advanced cars. I see them everyday. 🤔

  25. The shorts hiding their faces, tells you all you need to know. If you called for their bankruptcy and the stock moves up 25%, you are wrong. When they build the 35k dollar car they said they would, it's over. Now, it's just a matter of time before Tesla dominates multiple markets.

  26. Finally got to See Lawrence "Of Arabia ICE" Fossi. Not impressed. Lawrence wrote false articles on Seeking Alpha about how Nevada was being ripped off because not enough people working at Gigafactory. Lawrence ( aka Montona Skeptic) was totally wrong.

  27. 30+ minutes and not one factual explanation of how Tesla's financials do not add up. The best they can do is say that a car company is storing cars in lots. Wow.

  28. Forgot to mention the Shanghai plant. Once that is up and running (by the end of the year) it's game over for the shorts. They will have no FUD to cling to.

  29. Um.. Nice production quality, but I think you need to check that field you show at 29:04 in Shanghai again. Making hit pieces is really sad, too. That's why I voted down.

  30. At 29:00 the narrator says "As late as March 2019, the site for the new plant remained a muddy field" Just wait and watch Elon prove you guys wrong again.

  31. You have to be literally mentally disabled (and I mean no disrespect to mentally disabled people here) to to short Tesla when the man at the helm is also blowing the space industry apart. With Space X, Elon has pretty much beaten all traditional rocket manufactures into the dirt. No wonder he and Tesla get a lot of haters, I would be worried too if I were an incumbent car or rocket manufacturer. Bet against Elon at your peril….

  32. On Real Vision this video has 800-75 like to dislike where most people are highly educated in finance. Youtube is the place for the lefties and Musk fan boys.

  33. Shorting on Fundamentals 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 is a recipe for disaster. Only about 12 % of the truth.How the hell is Short selling a bad thing . Nothing is parabolic forever. Didn't Thomas Edison take ideas from Nikola Tesla ???? This documentary was one the funniest propaganda Documentaries I've seen.

  34. 'Tent' was a brilliant idea and it's not a 'tent' it's a building. Shame this is so skewed to the negative/FUD. Everyone I know that has a Tesla – adores their car.

  35. Nikola Tesla was attacked exactly like Musk. Edison called him a fraud by attacking him financially bc they can never deny his technology. History repeat itself. Feel sorry for this nerd being bullied. As an engineer, how can u call a Tesla fraud when u see a tech that’s the best of all time. Nuclear bomb was a fraud too bc it probably cost the US citizens billion to develop it. Real vision here is to look at the prize for humanity if we don’t let this company survive.

  36. Shame on you for putting together a FAKE documentary…especially the China factory clip [Complete Fabrication] – no sense of professionalism from a non-biased opinion…

  37. Biased BS by bears desperately trying to drive down the stock. Tesla will have its ups and downs, those who hold on for the long term will be able to laugh at the bearish FUDsters.

  38. I traded up from a reliable but gas guzzling Toyota Highlander to the cheapest model S 2.5 years ago, Ive driven over 53,000 km on it and loved every moment, it is the MOST AMAZING car I’ve ever driven or owned. Over that time, I’ve paid maybe 30 usd in electricity fees charging at home (I use the free supercharging network to recharge), spent no more than 600 usd during that time (this includes the standard service at around 40,000km). It’s ridiculous how reliable, fast and fun the car is. A true marvel. I just wonder if anyone in this video has driven a Tesla at length. I used to dream when I was younger of buying a Bmw m3 or Porsche and yes they do make great looking cars but for me, as a father of 2 young children and an admirer of companies with a mission beyond the bottom line who are trying make a difference, I’m now a big Tesla fan (and Real Vision and Grant Williams fan). While I understand there are people who don’t like Tesla or Elon Musk, I would just like to suggest any skeptics out there to just find the time to test drive a Tesla and see for yourself. Maybe, you may find the flavor of the kool aid to your liking 🙂. Have a good day everyone.

  39. $TSLA is the greatest short of all time. Look at the post menopausal women and Beta boys who are cult buyers. Californication on heavy doses of mushrooms and LSD. I've been short since $300 a share. Love you bag holders! made me rich!

  40. This clip is one of the better comedies I've seen the past year or two. Honestly, did it not make you shake your head and laugh out loud ? Thank you for this "Real Vision". It is a wonderful 30 minutes of fun.

  41. The fact that this has so many dislikes tells me right off it’s going to be riddled with truth. The ridiculousness of pairing Tesla and Amazon speaks to the ignorance of anyone’s lack of understanding on how either company is build around their infrastructure and product. Completely different sector. And the goal of Amazon was a story for growth and purposefully delaying profitability…. not the whims we find with Tesla as they struggle to scrape another fairy tale to keep the dream invested.

  42. This makes me more bullish than ever before on tsla. When you can easily rebut every point brought up in the antithesis, you know you’re onto a winner…

  43. According to real vision the world is comming to an end soon… yesterday… or so. As of september the Gigafactory 3 is standing… not finished but well on the way. Proof is readily available on YT. As for needing another factory to build Model Y… BMW builds three (or more) different models on one line… in Leipzip-Germany. Since Model 3 and Model Y share the same base they will likely be built on one manufacturing line as well. But these shortsellers are well too smart to figure that out by themselves. They think you need one factory for one model. Ive been to the BMW factory in Leipzig and did a full tour…one engineer trashed Tesla… I asked whether they have products that can compete… he stood in silence. As for China… foreign built cars are highly taxed upon import. You can only sell in big numbers if you built there. What is the problem with these people? Even if Tesla goes down in flames… Elon will have done the world a service… accelerating the way or transition to non combustion engine cars… Thank you Elon

  44. Oh boy, 28:48…. the poor aging process has already begun. Man…. Mark likes to say he doesn't think about Tesla all the time…. but he's lying. Elon is living in his head rent free.

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