BAD EGG 🥚 Radioactive Chicken Heads animated music video

She’s a super spy A seductive secret agent Look into her eyes and she will hypnotize you Scrambles up your mind It’s a covert operation She will make you break, then take your information Bad egg, she’s a bad egg Yeah, she’s a bad egg She’s a bad egg Yeah, Continue Reading

Beautiful wasp zombifies cockroach

In the African savannah lives a very interesting creature. This is Ampulex compressa, the Jeweled Cockroach wasp. She is on the hunt for something. And this is it. A cockroach. She approaches it carefully as the roach is far bigger than she is. Once she is close enough she strikes! Continue Reading


*Birds chirping. Soft snoring.* Let’s go. This is bullshit man! Oh you think this is funny? Hmm? You think this is funny?! How many Walkers did you kill? Wouldn’t you like to know? -How many? -I don’t know why you gotta be so dramatic about this. -I want proof. Proof Continue Reading