Elza Soares explains “O Que Se Cala” | Red Bull Music Academy

49 channels. 49 channels, right? Yes. (laughs) This is a blessing. Of course! I’ll understand everything I’ve done. So far I did everything without knowing how it was done. Now, you are explaining to me, showing to me. I can only say, “My God!” (laughs) Oh my God, that scares Continue Reading

MikeQ on Ballroom Culture, Making Tracks and Qween Beat | Red Bull Music Academy


Okay guys it’s day three of the trip we are on, the Wild Atlantic Way. We’re about to fly over the ocean to the Aran Islands It’s early morning, it’s a little bit overcast but the Aran islands are supposedly gorgeous and we have a lot of really cool stuff Continue Reading

Peru: Animal Rights Activists March Against Bullfighting in Lima

“We are conducting a march against animal abuse especially against bullfighting.” “We cannot continue mistreating the bulls in such a cruel way for the fun of a few. They are not that many, we are winning against them *INAUDIBLE*, little by little we will get there, the bulls are the Continue Reading

Rincon Sapiência breaks down “Ponta de Lança – Verso Livre” | Red Bull Music Academy

I’m from the “do it yourself” generation, that turns the bedroom into a studio. 80, 90 percent of my work I did this way. The two main things the guys listened to were funk and trap. So I did both on a single track. It’s been a long time since Continue Reading

Charlotte Gainsbourg on The Music of Her Life | Red Bull Music Academy

Hello, thank you all for coming to the Red Bull Music Academy Festival Paris. There, I managed to say it! Could everyone please turn off their phones because this will all be recorded and filmed. We are here today for a lecture with Charlotte Gainsbourg. -Charlotte, thank you for coming Continue Reading

Cowboy experience, rodeo battle! [Battle Trip / 2017.04.23]

We enjoyed nature to our heart’s content. Should we head to the city? – The city? / – The city. Which city? – Calgary. / – Calgary? Calgary, Calgary, Calgary. (Crash) We’re going to a city now. How long does it take? 1.5 to 2 hours by car. – That’s Continue Reading