Garmin: Better running with the PacePro feature

This video will show you how to run more strategically — using Garmin PacePro. It’s a first-of-its-kind dynamic pacing feature that can help you optimise your pacing up and down hills so you’re less likely to bonk. PacePro analyses the elevation contours within your upcoming race or run. Then it Continue Reading

[CC/FULL] You’re All Surrounded EP03 (2/3) | 너희들은포위됐다

It hurts. It hurts! I’m going! Come this way. Team Leader Oh. Let’s just call it even with this. You don’t even know who the supplier is. How can you call this even? I think the supplier is her boyfriend. Next to the drug dealer who got stabbed in Club Continue Reading

Yellowstone National Park: Geysers & Hot Springs, Waterfalls, Wildlife | #YellowstoneNationalPark

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone A complex geologic history in dramatic colors and shapes Lower Yellowstone Falls Puffs of steam marking hydrothermal features Lewis Fall Downstream from Lewis Fall Gibbon Falls Virginia Cascades Upper Geyser Basin, the largest geyser basin of the park, has over 40 geysers. The vents and Continue Reading

Metal Detecting Among “Animals”… PART 2 – The Mysterious Object

Let’s jump to the last find… A very weak signal. And a huge, very shallow Roman coin. GPS (“POI”) #7. Why was the signal that bad? I will do a short air test. This is a 33cm (13″) mark. Slightly above on this gigantic bronze coin. Nevertheless a very weak Continue Reading

Prince Harry and Meghan Can Claim Their Independence as Palace Scrambles To Sort Out Solution

Queen Elizabeth II has moved quickly to take control of the crisis surrounding the decision by Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, to distance themselves from the royal family, ordering royal courtiers to sort out a future role for the pair within days. British media reported Friday that Continue Reading


Bonjourno, YouTube! Trev here, Summit or Nothing hiking and wild camping in Snowdonia of all places Joined this week by Joss – How do? – Fellow youtuber and creator of the Great Outdoors TV Facebook page so this is Joss’s neck of the woods so he’s my tour guide today Continue Reading

Garmin: Acclimation and improved Race Predictor

When you’re serious about your training, you work out year-round and often in different locations. To get the most accurate data — and see the most benefit from your workouts — you’ll need to acclimate to heat — and sometimes to changes in altitude. As the temperature heats up, your Continue Reading

Breaking news Jul 9, 2017 :Pamplona horror as bull changes course to hurl man in air

Pamplona horror as bull changes course to hurl man in air and trample him at bull run The second run of this year’s world-famous festival started in dramatic fashion with one runner being upended just seconds after the start and another foreign-looking man being hurled into the air by one Continue Reading

[CC/FULL] The Undatables EP03 (1/3) | 훈남정음

Are you… Kang Hoon Nam? Then the relationship guru that he mentioned… was you? You were the one who told him to date multiple… What are you doing? Guys. Buy me some time. Let go! – Hello. – Hi. Oh, my gosh. Chul Soo? What are you doing here? Yook Continue Reading