Matador scalped in the bull ring says he’s on the road to recovery – 247 news

A gruesome 20cm head wound that required 40 stitches won’t stop Juan Jose Padilla in his lifelong pursuit of bullfighting The famous one-eyed matador assured fans he is on the road to recovery following a horrifying injury which left his scalp hanging off over the weekend Now he’s planning to be back Continue Reading

Man, 43,ed by two bulls ‘the size of large cars’ on family farm – 247 news

 A 43-year-old man gored to death by two bulls was found on Wednesday morning on his family farm in South Carolina Bryan Collins, remembered by family and friends as a ‘happy soul’, was working with the bulls on the family’s Mullins property on Tuesday night when he was killed  His Continue Reading

Bulls and runners endure slippery start to Pamplona festival – 247 news

Dramatic pictures from the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona show revellers being gored and trampled by rampaging bovines as the second day of the festival kicks off The event, which forms part of the famous San Fermin celebrations, sees on average between 50 and a 100 injuries per year Continue Reading

I Bought The First 5 Things YouTube Recommended To Me

Hello friends and welcome to another video. Today I’m going to be buying the first five things that Youtube recommends to me so I’ve done this with Facebook and Instagram ads before. Testing to see how well their algorithm knew me or knew what I might like and this time, Continue Reading

Meet the men who will protect Ronaldo from ISIS threats during World Cup – Daily News

Cristiano Ronaldo is being protected from threats, including ISIS terrorists, by a man who challenges half-tonne bulls with his bare hands Shaven-headed strongman Nuno Marecos helped keep the star safe at the recent Champions League final in Kiev The former elite paratrooper is expected to keep watch over Cristiano at Continue Reading

José María Iñigo, de la novia que se metió a monja a sus años como torero || LVTNAszok

José María Iñigo, de la novia que se metió a monja a sus años como torero Este sábado 5 de mayo la voz de José María Iñigo se apagó para siempre a los 75 años de edad. Ese timbre tan característico que los más jóvenes identificaban con el festival de Eurovisión y los Continue Reading

Most awesome bullfighting festival accident 18+

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Bull gores man and injures another 30 after going on rampage at matador festival – News Live

A man was repeatedly gored during a chaotic bullfighting festival which saw more than 30 people injured and a number of horses put down. Eyewitnesses filmed the footage at a traditional corraleja festival in the city of Caucasia in north-western Colombia. A corraleja is much less formal than a Spanish Continue Reading

El torero Alejandro Talavante se divorcia de la modelo mexicana Jessica Ramírez – Ultimas Noticias

 El pasado mes de octubre (31) tomaba una pausa en su carrera como torero de forma indefinida Una noticia que pillaba a todos por sorpresa y que ahora podría tomar algo más de sentido tras conocerse que su matrimonio con la modelo también ha sido finiquitado  Así lo afirma ‘¡Hola!’, Continue Reading

One-eyed matador scalped by a bull last week announces he’ll retire – 247 news

A one-eyed Spanish matador, who was scalped by a raging bull last week during a fight, has announced his retirement from a 24-year-long career which has racked up about 30 serious injuries , today returned to the ring in Pamplona for one of his final bullfights, ahead of his retirement Continue Reading