How to Train Your Dog Using a Clicker | The Battersea Way

Hi I’m Adele a Canine Behaviour and Training Advisor here at Battersea and today I’m going to show you how to introduce a clicker when training your dog Clickers can be a useful tool for training as they are a clear and concise signal This allows the dog to recognise Continue Reading

Comunicación creativa y eficiente para tus proyectos – Curso online de Marcelo Tas

Hi, I’m Marcelo Tas, journalist, actor scriptwriter and TV director. Essentially, I’m a communicator. You might know me as Professor Tibúrcio, from “Provocações” on TV Cultura or from “CQC” on TV Bandeirantes. From the beginning of my career, I’ve tried to explore language’s limits. With the arrival of social media, Continue Reading

At home on the water

(upbeat music) – What attracted me to the whole state of Idaho is it varies. So, from the north, you got the mountains, you got the big lakes. Southern Idaho, you got long deserts with the flowing rivers, the thousand springs. Everything is in the same state, however, there’s not Continue Reading

Lakshmi | Full Movie | Nagesh Kukunoor, Monali Thakur, Satish Kaushik

Gidde, I’ll tell you a joke. Listen. A furious tiger is passing through a jungle. He spots a rabbit. He catches the rabbit and says.. ..who is the king of this jungle? The rabbit says, you are, my lord. Then he moves on with full pride. He spots a jackal. Continue Reading

Pit Bull With Kittens

Pit Bull + Kittens=Pittens

Dachshund Dogs 101 – The Fantastic Funny Wiener Dog

Whether you refer to it as a sausage dog, Weiner dog, Dottie or Doxie, it is a very distinct breed, to say the least. Although it has a unique build similar to that of America’s favorite ballpark concession, its fearlessness, brassy attitude, and “big dog” bark are proof that this Continue Reading

Crossout Show: The Liquidizer

In this episode: Pincers, carapace, two smoking barrels The Liquidizer No violence Destructive eyecandy It’s been a while since we talked about the ever-changing fauna of the Wastes. This time our reporter managed to capture some live footage of a never-before-seen crustacean. The beast moves about with its five legs Continue Reading

Last Surprise REMIX (FULL) – Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikes OST

You try to run me through, Hold on Think again, don’t you know, what you’re starting, but… You sure ain’t got a clue, how bad, This will go, don’t you know, know my art (art of war) And as you look to the horizon, not a cloud But then stormy Continue Reading

RedBedRock – Bad Girls (Official Video) [CC] 4K

We had some drinks at the bar Didn’t know who the fuck you really are Already knew you’d leave a scar Feel like somebody on my case Ended up heading back to my place A memories I can not erase Bad girls! Bad girls! Just met you Bad girls! Bad Continue Reading


Hey guys what’s up! So We’re here for Maddie “The Matador”. The CEO of an investment firm obsessed with hoarding real estate and gold. Maddie is Ginny’s mother and the only person that Ginny and Taurell fear. She’s the type of person who always solves everything with violence. If she’s Continue Reading