Rodeo Clown In Obama Mask Defended By Limbaugh, Beck

now we have a controversy about rodeo collapse was the first thing I thought of really apparently a rodeo clown dressers a dress up as President Obama the Missouri State Fair and a cause quite a brouhaha I was a little skeptical about this because they’re supposed to be cloudy Continue Reading

16 Year Old Matador Kills 6 Bulls In One Day

sixteen year old and that is our in spain it turns out he kills six polls one in one afternoon everyone’s problem gunshot you killed six full but i know that’s super insensitive culturally speaking and that you know this is their culture this is something they take pride in Continue Reading

12 Year-Old Bull Fighter Gets Pwned by the Bull

we have a very disturbing video that features a twelve year old bullfighter for mexico and he’s in columbia he is competing in bullfighting any ads uh… no media it’s their you’re allowed to laugh come up but i had met reluctant of katarina i love it that’s our lisa’s Continue Reading

Bullfighter Arrested for Fleeing Bull?

a twenty two-year-old matador it from mexico uh… car little bit of heat because he ran out of a rain during the boer fight he was afraid of the bull apparently he was injured in a previous four five of uh… full gordon in the leg so this time he Continue Reading

‘Running of the Bulls’ Ends in Gore and Injuries

complete shocker unexpected twists the running in the balls ends with people being gored by bull oh my god but the plot in in Co %uh the in %uh %uh so really fast on the details there was an American was gored in the stomach there was another Spaniard was Continue Reading

Matador Gets Gored

israel launcher visa status bullfighter and uh… as the bull fighters to uh… they’ve up with the bulls and they do a lot on the line and they stabbed more over the place in the bulldogs play and eighteen developments uh… well then everybody does that do you know move Continue Reading