Revoltillo de tofú / Scrambled tofu

Hello everyone! In today’s video we are going to make a tofu scramble This is an option for those of you that do not eat egg in breakfast or are trying something a little different. Here we have the tofu, this is a firm one, but you can use extra Continue Reading

The water cycle, Scotland style…

(guitar strum) (drumming) – Do not put this on social media! (laugh) (squeal) (laugh) – Hi, my name’s Kirsty, I work at Arbikie Distillery as the Master Distiller. (guitar strums and hand claps) All of these go into this bottle, along with the potato spirit to make this Scottish gin Continue Reading

Zoom Basics: Online Office Hours in Zoom

Hey everyone this is Aleks from the CSUN FTC again. Alright so now I’m gonna show you how to log back in to Zoom and review a couple of things real fast and I’m going to be going over how to schedule online office hours. Zo as you remember in Continue Reading

[S2 – Eps. 62] The crater of Maragua, Bolivia – Does it exist?

Good morning internet! It is 08:45 in the morning and welcome back to the channel! This floor is super slippery! I have to be a bit careful. Anyway.. I have to admit, I have some really sore muscles from crawling in the mines, the other day But today I am Continue Reading

Major Conference Tournament Megapod (Ep. 798) – Sports Gambling Podcast

Speaker 2 (0s): This is Major Conference tournament Mega pod additional Sports gaming podcast is presented by my polka dot AG. My book is your home for the NBA college basketball and the XFL use the promo code s GP and get up to one thousand dollars in bonus pets. Continue Reading

GELCOAT statt Lack?! 🖌️👩🏼‍🔬⛵ Polyester statt Epoxid?! Das Deck wird wieder schön (Gelcoat Refit #2)

Hi and welcome back In the last video I opened up all the hairline cracks in the gelcoat and after that I filled them with gelcoat and with thickened polyester resin. That didn’t work out as expected, also because the scales were broken, so that all could have gone a Continue Reading

AURORA – Lindmo Interview (With Miranda and Viktoria Aksnes) [Eng Subs]

We have many other big celebrities here with us tonight. Aurora Aksnes is one of our biggest international popstars. Tonight she’s here together with her two most important collaborators. Her big sisters, Victoria and Miranda. Also known as her clothing and makeup designer. They are on their way in to Continue Reading

Quick Breakfast recipe | Garlic Bread, Stir fry veggies ad scrambled egg | Easy Breakfast recipe

hi everyone welcome to the channel today we are going to make a easy and healthy breakfast the garlic bread scrambled egg and stir fried vegetable first we are going to spread the bread with garlic butter it’s so easy to prepare a garlic butter first you need a room-temperature Continue Reading

Are You Saying ‘No’ Before You Even Try? | Interview with Daymond John

– Hey everybody. I’m really excited about this interview. So for everybody’s who’s watching on LinkedIn, let’s put in your phone numbers. We’re gonna call somebody. In LinkedIn Live, put in your phone number and your question, and then the team’s gonna pick which ones. But I have the super Continue Reading

Comunicación creativa y eficiente para tus proyectos – Curso online de Marcelo Tas

Hi, I’m Marcelo Tas, journalist, actor scriptwriter and TV director. Essentially, I’m a communicator. You might know me as Professor Tibúrcio, from “Provocações” on TV Cultura or from “CQC” on TV Bandeirantes. From the beginning of my career, I’ve tried to explore language’s limits. With the arrival of social media, Continue Reading