Mount Whymper trip in East Kootenay British Columbia Canadian Rockies scramble Closed Captions

I can’t believe, some clouds moved in already so quick in just two minutes, it’s covering the right side that was Mount Whymper, now Storm mountain Stanley glacier trail by my trip from a months ago Mount Stanley Vermillion peak , Mount Haffner huh and the clouds are now even Continue Reading

Rescuing a pit bull’s reputation with unconditional love

Pit bulls are friendly animals. They are taught to be vicious, to fight. They are misunderstood because the media portrays them as a vicious breed. Their love is unconditional. Their love is like no other. My name is Robyn Bronkhorst. I am one of the founders of Pit Pals. Every Continue Reading

Daegu residents scramble to get face masks amid surge in COVID-19 cases

residents of Daegu the South Korean city hardest hit by the coronavirus are scrambling to get their hands on face masks in a bid to protect themselves from the virus but there are fears that the large number of people trying to get hold of masks could cause the virus Continue Reading

As Coronavirus Spreads, US Health Officials Race To Limit Its Impact | TODAY

Reptiles! Venomous Snakes And Animal Zoo

S. Korea confirmed 16th case of coronavirus

meanwhile South Korean health authorities are scrambling to figure out the movements of the country’s 16th patient who returned from a trip to Thailand about two weeks ago ken hyung Lee reports the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed a 16th coronavirus case in South Korea on Tuesday Continue Reading

WHO requests an additional US$ 675 mil. to tackle coronavirus outbreak

the World Health Organization has requested hundreds of millions of dollars in extra funding to bolster its three-month plan to tackle the corona virus outbreak the request comes as health authorities around the world scramble to find either a vaccine or a cure Eastern Jail reports in an effort to Continue Reading

Death toll continues to rise in China as countries scramble to tackle coronavirus outbreak

alarming new numbers coming out of China and other countries around the world a total of 361 people have died in China due to the new coronavirus and a man in the philippines starring from the novel virus on sunday and this was the first death outside of bain land Continue Reading

Wuhan coronavirus kills 6, infects more than 300 in China

now China is desperately trying to keep alone the spread of the ohon coronavirus but so far it seems to be losing battle the mysterious respiratory infection that’s killed at least six people in second more than 300 people in China and parts of Asia appears to have made its Continue Reading

Coronavirus death toll tops 130; countries scramble to minimize damage

We begin this morning with our ongoing coverage of the coronavirus outbreak. The virus is spreading quickly and the world is on edge. Our Kim Jae-hee is on the line with the latest. Jae-hee, please fill us in. Right. So the new type of coronavirus that first appeared in Wuhan Continue Reading