Cute alert! Baby giraffe born at Los Angeles zoo

This is Los Angeles Zoo’s newest inhabitant. He’s just 13 days old – but is already almost 6 foot tall. The Masai giraffe has yet to be named by the zoo. The baby calf’s already at home with the rest of his herd, running around his enclosure and getting a Continue Reading

Mega panda fail – Tian Tian takes a tumble

It was roly poly time at Edinburgh zoo as giant panda Tian tian got playful in her pen. The female bear had a delightful time playing with the latest enrichment toy given to her by her keepers. After rolling off her podium, she took a moment to chill out – Continue Reading

Two vulnerable monkeys born at Brazil zoo

A zoo in Brazil has had two new, furry arrivals. Born a week apart, the baby monkeys are growing up fast. Whilst the older monkey is being looked after by its mum, baby number two is being cared for by zookeepers. This is because the little one’s mum has been Continue Reading

Bizarre beaver parachute program revealed

Newly-restored archival footage has revealed the extraordinary lengths the wildlife officials in Idaho went to in the late 1940’s and early 50s to relocate beavers from over-populated areas. The film clip, which was restored by the Idaho Historical Society and posted to YouTube, shows the animals being trapped and placed Continue Reading