William Shatner: Empathy must be taught

There was a herd of elephants put in a preserve, young elephants were taken away, orphans, whose mothers were shot for the tusks were put in an elephant orphanage, which was a large tract of land that had other animals. They begin to see that rhinos knows were being gored Continue Reading

We Make Our Own Cat Treats • Ladylike

2013 POWER Go Red For Women PSA

– Hi; I’m State Senator Vaneta Becker. – And I’m State Representative Cherrish Pryor. – As Republicans, – And as Democrats, – We join forces to support the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women movement. – Heart disease is the leading killer of women in Indiana, 80% of which Continue Reading

Avance de la exposición ” Historia de dos pintoras: Sofonisba Anguissola y Lavinia Fontana”

This exhibition tells the tale, through their works, of the life and artistic creation of two women painters, Sofonisba Anguissola and Lavinia Fontana. Two pioneers that smoothed the way for the women artists that followed.

Emmanuel Macron: ‘Teaching Africans from New York? Bull!’

I mean, 63% of non-educated adults today are women. That’s the deep roots of the gender inequalities. One of the critical issues we have regarding the African demography is the fact that this is not a chosen fertility. I always say: “Please, present me the lady who decided, being perfectly Continue Reading

Red Bull 400: The hardest 400m Run in Europe

I am fascinated by their courage, the determination and the level of fitness they need to overcome this steep hill. Back when I was still a ski-jumper and we started building Planica, it was even steeper – around 45 degrees on the steepest part. The profile of the hill today Continue Reading

Cole Haan Rodeo Penny Driver SKU:8894856

Hi, everyone. I’m Nelly from Zappos.com and this is Rodeo Penny Driver from Cole Haan Here we have a leather upper in a moccasin silhouette. There’s a easy slip-on construction On the inside, there’s a leather lining with a padded footbed for comfort and support Down at the bottom, there’s Continue Reading

This Vibrating Bumblebee Unlocks a Flower’s Hidden Treasure | Deep Look

This buzzing is a secret password. The key to a lock. What this bumblebee is after is pollen. Bumblebees eat pollen. It’s high in protein. But the flower doesn’t want to give it to just anyone. So it hides it away, in those bright yellow anthers… For a flower, that’s Continue Reading

Austin Revealed: Chicano Civil Rights “Rise of Mexican-Americans in Politics”

(music) – There’s increasingly high expectations being expressed by Mexican-Americans reinforced by the returning veterans from the Second World War who have experienced foxhole democracy. They come back expecting to be treated fairly, the way they were treated in the military. They’re still facing seemingly unchanging social conditions that we Continue Reading