Escaped tiger kills man in Georgia

A man has been killed by a tiger after it escaped from Tbilisi zoo in Georgia. The animal was one of many that broke free from its enclosure following severe flooding over the weekend. The tiger, earlier thought to be a lion, was hiding in a storage room when the Continue Reading

Adventures in Cub Scouts

So originally, I was gonna make a video talking about boy scouts, because I was a boyscout. But then as I was writing the script I thought about all the fun things I did as a cub scout. So here we are! Cub scouts is something you can do before Continue Reading

InDepth – Episode 4 – Generation W: The Generation of the Wolf

[Coyote howl, music, and the sound of a geyser erupting] You’re watching Yellowstone InDepth [music] Kids, today, rule their world. And it’s a new world, unlike anything that’s come before. A world where science has replaced many mysteries. A smaller world, where the most feared and exotic creatures are right Continue Reading

The Dog Tier List

This episode was sponsored by Audible. *overwatch music plays* I’ve made it pretty clear that I see house cats and domestic dogs as top tier, but although I’ve made videos already on the non-domestic felines, I haven’t done the same for canines yet. Canines are some of the most successful Continue Reading