A Flea’s Fantastic Jump Takes More Than Muscle | Deep Look

Sometimes, to get where you want in life, you need to go all out. Fleas need to get off the ground and on to someone they can exploit. That’s bad news if you’ve got fur or feathers. There are more than 2000 flea species. Each partial to its own kind Continue Reading

Do Animals Cheat On Each Other?

From foxes, to lions, to even pandas, join me as I reveal to you some of the top cheaters in the animal kingdom, as well as those that mate for life! 13. Wolves Wolves are known for many things in the world, and not all of them are good things. Continue Reading

Kangaroo Rats Are Furry, Spring-Loaded Ninjas | Deep Look

Under cover of darkness, the world is a safer place for a kangaroo rat. It’s mostly hidden from predators, while it searches for seeds – its main source of food and water in this harsh California desert. But it’s not totally safe Ok, let’s slow that down. Like some kind Continue Reading

Ozzy Man Reviews: Hare vs Wolves

Welcome back to the middle of Butt-Fuck-Nowhere It looks like we have some hungry wolves running around This hare has activated his periscope He can definitely see impending doom on the horizon He’s like: “Yup, I gotta get to a safe house” The wolf yells out: “Too late, you little Continue Reading

KILLER WHALE VS SPERM WHALE – Who would win this battle of titans?

Killer Whale vs Sperm Whale Who would win a battle between these two giants? Let’s go into the depths of the oceans and let’s see who wins this war! The killer whale is one of the largest of the toothed whales, and possibly the most famous. Also called “orcas,” killer Continue Reading

A Tsetse Fly Births One Enormous Milk-Fed Baby | Deep Look

We mammals like to think we’re pretty special, right? We don’t lay eggs. We feed our babies milk. Well, this very pregnant fly is about to prove us wrong. Yep, this tsetse fly is in labor. And that emerging bundle of joy is her larva. While other insects can lay Continue Reading

ResERECTION – The Penis Implant: Profiles by VICE

My children joke that I’m never invited to Parents day you know at school because what am I going to talk about. And they definitely never look at my phone because there’s nothing but pictures of penises all over it. My name is Paul Perito. I’m a urologist in Miami, Continue Reading

When Wild Boars Attack

Number 5: Cameraman gets attacked by a wild boar An unnamed cameraman was attacked by a wild boar going on a rampage in the streets of Japan. Bystanders filmed the incident on their cellphones while maintaining a safe distance from the scene. They attempted to call for help, but this Continue Reading

When Rhinos Attack

Number 6 Chantal Beyer Chantal Beyer, a student from Johannesburg, was left clinging to life in what was one of the most gruesome rhino attacks in recent years. The woman and her boyfriend were at a South African animal park which advertised on its website that visitors could see rhinos Continue Reading

Lion Pride Hunting In Africa Animal Planet Documentary

Cattle Instead she perfected the art of surviving on her own Without the help of a pride this lioness had to adapt when she hunts the combination of patience power and speed is spectacular This female is about six years old when she steps into the viewfinder of Herbert Brower Continue Reading