How Humans Have Forced Animals To Evolve

How Humans Have Forced Animals To Evolve Whether you believe in it or not, there’s no doubt that humans themselves have had a hand in evolution over the years. Whether it be because of our hunting, or because we want cuter pets, we have a tendency to twist and create Continue Reading

‘We Live With 220 Lions And Tigers’

LAUREN DROPLA: These guys are our kids. We love them and we’d do anything for them. JEFF LOWE: This is Lisa Marie. She is our maybe 14 month old golden tabby tiger. COMM: A year ago, Jeff moved from his luxurious home in Colorado to a cabin in the grounds Continue Reading

Animals ADOPTING Other Animal Species!

From gorillas adopting kittens to hippos taking care of turtles, here are 11 animals who adopted other animals! 11. Gorilla and Kittens You might be familiar with Koko the Gorilla because of her famous friendship with actor and comedian Robin Williams. She’s well known for her role in language research Continue Reading

Buffalo Mourn Dead Female After Lion Attack

ROB VAMPLEW: Incredible! I’ve never seen this. COMM: This muscular standoff between a pride of lionesses and a herd of buffalo took place in the Greater Kruger Park in South Africa. It features behaviour that cameraman and veteran safari guide Rob Vamplew claims never to have seen before. COMM: It Continue Reading

Porcupines Give You 30,000 Reasons to Back Off | Deep Look

You can now support Deep Look on Patreon. Details after the show. Razor Sharp. Designed to impale. And next to impossible to remove. The fearsome creature that wields these weapons? Aw, look at that face. A North American Porcupine may be slow, but she doesn’t have much to worry about Continue Reading

Our Family Pet Is A Six Foot Croc | BEAST BUDDIES

COMM: For the past 20 years, Irwan has been living with a crocodile. COMM: The crocodile was named Kojek and he now lives in the house with Irwan, his wife and three children. COMM: Kojek is fed 4 or 5 kilos of fresh fish three times a week. COMM: When Continue Reading

Cow playing football

*Local Audience Insults Cow By Booing,Implying she isn’t fit to play * -look there he is -He rides the Cows? *Cow Poses Inviting For a Challenge* -Omg,Sexy Pose!!! -Should have brought my DSLR!! She really knows how to pose!! -Hey,One of you go on the other side! *Are you Scared Continue Reading

The Man Who Cuddles Lions | BEAST BUDDIES

Armand: You always have to maintain your concentration and respect. Secondly, don’t do stupid things. You get bitten and scratched all the time they have claws. Some people think I’m crazy. Some people think I’m testing my fate. We have 10 lions here. And then we have three tigers. We Continue Reading

We Share Our Home With 14 Bears | BEAST BUDDIES

MONICA WELDE: Do I prefer bears to humans? Are you playing with your tongue? MONICA WELDE: Well, actually, sometimes I do. MONICA WELDE: My name is Monica Welde. I’m president, owner and senior trainer here at Beardise Ranch. MONICA WELDE: My bears are part of my family. MONICA WELDE: Right Continue Reading