Last Day Scramble-First Time on Disney Skyliner & Much More

Alright so, we are at Hollywood Studios but, we’re not going into Hollywood Studios. We are gonna take our first ride on the Skyliner, and we’re gonna ride it to, Epcot? Correct? Then we’re getting on a monorail, taking the monorail over the Magic Kingdom. When we’re in Magic Kingdom, Continue Reading

The Pack’s Road Trip Gets Off to a Rocky Start | Ruff Life With Lee Asher

Hope everyone’s having a great day. We’ve got our boy, T. Tony-Too-Toned. We’re taking Tony to the vet. This is gonna be Tony’s first vet visit. First vet visit, huh, buddy? Just a few weeks ago he was living inside of a shelter and weighed 148 pounds. Do you need Continue Reading

Hama, a wound yet to heal

Hama, a wound yet to heal 1982, One of the most heinous massacres in history was committed at the hands of the slaughterers Hafez & Refaat Assad A whole city was brought down to the ground Houses were flattened over the heads of inhabitants 40,000 killed. Women, men, elders and Continue Reading

White House on lockdown as ‘fighter jets scrambled to unresponsive aircraft’

 Capitol Hill was evacuated and the White House placed on lockdown amid reports of an unresponsive aircraft flying over the DC area that was failing to communicate with federal air traffic controllers  A correspondent for The Independent was among those reporters at the White House as teams of reporters were taken inside Continue Reading

F-16s scrambled due to suspicious activity on Sept. 11 flights

F-16s scrambled due to suspicious activity on Sept. 11 flights Two days ago marked the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. While the whole nation was mourning the victims of 911, a threatening message appeared on the White House’s Facebook page. “We’ll come back 11/9/2011 to kill u Continue Reading

Watch TOP CHEF Amar Santana Make His Luxurious UNI SCRAMBLED EGGS | Foodbeast Approved

Hi, my name is Amar Santana and I’m the chef at Vaca restaurant in Costa Mesa, CA and today we’re making “Erizos Con Huevos” which translates to “Uni Scrambled Eggs” So the first thing we’re gonna do is clean this beautiful Santa Barbara sea urchin to get the eggs out. Continue Reading

Orangutans Saved From Palm Oil Plantation Horror

COMM: On the 18th June, activists at the Human Orangutan Conflict Response Unit were able to save two orangutans from a palm oil plantation. COMM: It’s estimated that every year up to 1,500 orangutans are killed on palm oil plantations, and experts believe that there are only 6,000 Sumatran orangutans Continue Reading

How To: Make Brunch

OK, so a honeycomb has cooled for about 20 minutes. It’s at room temperature now. It’s set. It’s hard. It’s nice and airy. If you see inside, it’s got little flakes in there. which are going to do… [laughing in background] Hi, I’m Ken Addington. I’m the chef at Five Continue Reading


Handguns on and bear spray. This has been a tremendously bad year for bear encounters and fatalities in Wyoming. It was supposed to be the year that we got to hunt them for the first time in a long time. A liberal, federal judge shut it down again. It’s not Continue Reading

Red Rock Quad – Trail Running, Hiking, and Scrambling for 33 miles!

it’s 4:18 we’re about to start welcome to Mountain High adventurers YouTube channel for adults we talk about all things mountains cannabis and adventure running welcome back adventurers the day has finally come it’s April 20th 2019 and we’re out here attempting the Red Rock quad the idea is to Continue Reading