Extreme Foil Racing in Japan – Red Bull Foiling Generation 2015

That was awesome. It was fun! I’m excited because we had a great run. The world final will be a top-level contest so we will have to train harder and stay focused on each event to be able to become number one at the world final

Carmilla | S1 E35 “Heroic Vampire Bull****”

So, Laura’s kinda having a rough time right now. So. So, Laura and I followed LaFontaine across campus to the Lustig building and then down through the basement into a series of caves. I still cannot believe you used me as a human homing beacon. I know, but just… we Continue Reading

Streetball tournament inside old fortress – Red Bull King of The Rock Georgia

It was a very difficult round. I played two periods in the last game and two periods in this game. So, I don`t know how the final round will be for me. I will for sure try to beat last year`s champion and go to Samasana. The final round was Continue Reading

I’m a Matador: Andrew Anagnost

When I first set foot on campus, it was a chance to start over. I was stepping out of a rocky past and into a fresh chapter, a new lease on life. Once at CSUN I immersed myself in studies of the physical world, embraced the campus community, and learn Continue Reading

Pit Bull Near Death Gets a Second Chance at Life

– Petey would have been euthanized, without a doubt. There was no way Petey was gonna get out, there was no way anyone was gonna rescue this dog. There’s no way. I, hand on heart, know that this dog would never have made it out of the shelter. Petey was Continue Reading

Intense Staring Contest Between Gabriel Luna and Lilly Singh

-Y’all are on this crazy press tour where you’re traveling to all these different places. Mackenzie, are there any memorable moments that have happened on the tour thus far? -Well, we went to China recently, which was so fun and great, and everyone was really hospitable. And we had the Continue Reading

Take a Tour of The Most Luxurious Dog Houses Ever | The Dodo

One day when Victoria was tearing down an old shed in her backyard, inspiration struck. I love my dogs more than anything. Naturally, it was the perfect spot for them to have a two-story puppy palace with a balcony and a pool. Victoria had a special collaborator on this project. Continue Reading

Cow Wedding: Sacred Cow And Bull Are Married In India

00:02 COMM: It had all the hallmarks of a lavish Indian wedding, but when 5,000 well-wishers gathered for a traditional Hindu ceremony, in Western India this week, the bride and groom were in fact a cow and a bull. 00:15 COMM: Nuptials between cow Ganga and bull Prakash had been Continue Reading

Red Bull X-Fighters Mexico City 2010 – Event highlights

The Plaza de Toros Monumental in Mexico-City, Mexico is once again the traditional start of the Red Bull X-Fighters 2010 World Tour. An electric evening started with Johan Nungaray, the mexican favorite riding so well and impressing the hole crowd. One of the greatest comeback stories in sport: Cameron Sinclair Continue Reading