New expansion pack “Guild War – Floating Island Scramble” will be released soon!!!

Blasphemer•Linsy(SSR) CV/Hayami Saori Mechanic•Shilo(R) CV/Kimura Ryohei The Archangel•Fina(SR) CV/Kakazu Yumi MK-Ⅱ•Moni(SR) CV/Hagiwara Ami Tsukimi-zake•Sayaka (R) CV/Maekawa Ryoko Eagle•Niva(R) CV/Sato Arise Fame and Glory Guild War – Floating Island Scramble From them or for you,Midlle is the place of honor. The only throne built at the front line of the war Continue Reading

Pixonic is worse than EA | War Robots Darkest Pay To Win Monetization Design

EA is the most hated company on the internet for multiple reasons like for using Pay to win business practices manipulating and not treating their consumers the right way and are voted for the worst company in America multiple times there was a controversy regarding their loot boxes in their Continue Reading

Spitfire Glory: Leif Lundsten Episode II – Scramble

Hello Control, this is Blue Leader. Permission to taxy out? Hello Blue Leader, okay to taxy out. Hello Control, this is Blue Leader. May I scramble? Hello Blue Leader, okay to scramble. Blue Leader, airborne. Hello Blue Leader, this is COWSLIP. Bandit. Queen, Easy, Nam. Angels one, Cherubs five. Over. Continue Reading

I am MagiCJacK “HD” (Subtitles version Eng, Fr)

Hello big boy, I’m MagicJack Relax, suit yourself, stay quiet I got somethings to tell you Pay attention till the end. I’m sick, really sick of this diseases, death war and rapes The powerful abusing of the defenseless And our politics are just fucking hypocrites For christmas, i’ll exploit chinese Continue Reading

Go the Rodeo – Set Fire (Official Audio)

This side of the moon always comes to soon Oh no, I forgot again It seems the day has come around again Six holes in the moon were left by you This month I can see the fire rages on You set fire to the moon Set fire to the Continue Reading

Suicide bomber: Four killed in blast outside Kabul Airport

A suicide bomber has killed three foreign advisers and an Afghan interpreter. The man detonated himself outside Kabul International Airport. The nationalities of the foreign advisers are not known. The Taliban have claimed responsibility for Tuesday’s attack. The explosion comes just days after one of the most audacious militant attacks Continue Reading

Wild Animals Fighting – Porcupine vs Lion, Leopard vs Boar, Elephant, Video African Animals

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Avengers: Infinity War Rap Battle | #NerdOut ft DaddyPhatSnaps, Dan Bull, JT Music & More

We’ve Been Waiting for This Moment (Moment, Moment) The Final Opponent (Opponent, Opponent) Collecting Their Components (Components, Components) To End Humanity! The First Avenger Represent, Show Your Elders Some Respect I’ve Fought Nazis And Robots And I’ve Kept the Gods in Check, Hey Thor, is Mjolnir Light? I got a Continue Reading

“Fear the Boom and Bust”: Keynes vs. Hayek Rap Battle

>>HOTEL CLERK: Lord Keynes! Welcome, sir. It’s a pleasure.>>KEYNES: The pleasure’s all mine. >>CLERK: Your agenda–>>KEYNES: That won’t be necessary. I am the agenda. >>CLERK: [laughs]>>KEYNES: Tell them I’ve arrived– >>HAYEK: And then tell them I’ve arrived.>>CLERK: And, your name is?>>HAYEK: Hayek. F.A. Hayek. With an “H”.>>KEYNES: Freddy. (yeah) Keynes. Continue Reading

Matador – “Space Is Still the Place”

I hear that Mars is lovely this time of year, but that’s only because none of us live there yet. Contractors brought earth into the space age, and soon those same contractors will bring space into the war age. “One small step for man” has always meant the large-scale war Continue Reading