GELCOAT statt Lack?! 🖌️👩🏼‍🔬⛵ Polyester statt Epoxid?! Das Deck wird wieder schön (Gelcoat Refit #2)

Hi and welcome back In the last video I opened up all the hairline cracks in the gelcoat and after that I filled them with gelcoat and with thickened polyester resin. That didn’t work out as expected, also because the scales were broken, so that all could have gone a Continue Reading

Safari Trip | Kruger National Park, South Africa

Good morning! it’s our first day in South Africa well technically we arrived last night in Johannesburg Airport at 9-ish 10-ish p.m. so it’s a 10-hour flight from Singapore and then we were picked up by a shuttle from the hotel so we are staying in Peermont Metcourt so it’s Continue Reading

How Many Birdies Can I Make In A 2 Ball Scramble?

what is up y’all hope y’all having a great day out here at Nashville golf have a fun little challenge today gonna be playing a two ball scramble two shots on every shot see which one’s the best we’ll take it from there see if we can’t take it low Continue Reading

Gelcoat REPARIEREN! 😱 Haarrisse in meinem 50 Jahre alten Boot (Gelcoat Refit #1)

Today is gelcoat fixing day! Totally overdue. There are areas in the aft next to the cockpit lockers that have a lot of hairline cracks and small holes. So we thought, should we paint this? But then we thought that we’d have to paint the whole deck to get a Continue Reading

Epic Simulation Golf Scramble | Pt. 1

well you’re a basic little white girl yeah I’m a little smarter than you buddy buddy I think ow what are you out of today where I’m at well welcome back to the steaming quesadilla Channel we are out here at the little course see a nice little little course Continue Reading

Tinder in Real Life..but for DOGS! * Part 2 *

– Today we’re doing a challenge called, Tinder in Real Life But With Dogs Part 2. We’re at Frosted Faces Foundation and what’s really awesome about this place is it’s a senior dog rescue. That means they take the dogs that so many people have given up on, they say Continue Reading

Best 72 Hours in Russia

Good morning! Or ‘privet’ (hello) as they say here in Russia. We’re in St. Petersburg for our last day. If you’ve been following our Russia series, which I will link below, you know we’re here for 72 hours only. Way too fast. Without a visa. We’re taking a ferry out Continue Reading

Treating My Dogs Like Babies..Because We’re Having One!

(sub) VLOG 방학 중 대학생의 일상 / 수강신청, 집꾸미기, 오일파스텔 클래스, 방구석 아스트로 콘서트, 젤리크루마켓에서 스티커 사기 | 수린 surinfilm

I came to buy shampoo I didn’t really like the shampoo I bought from Lush While I was out, I decided to buy a sandwich from Subway I also stopped by Starbucks to buy coffee grinds I haven’t been able to make coffee at home because I kept pushing off Continue Reading


[Music] So, guys. Today, we are literally leaving this house. Today is the last time in my life that I walk inside. As I told you, everything was still here. We moved out. But the furniture, the clothes, etc., everything was still in that house. Today I hired a truck Continue Reading