Things to do in SAN ANTONIO, TX: Luxury and Rodeo (2017)

Hello from San Antonio, Texas! I’m here for a weekend of fun and luxury When it comes to luxury you can’t go wrong with The St. Anthony hotel They invited a few journalists to come here and experience everything up close and I’m loving it! I got a welcome note Continue Reading

Burger King’s NEW Rodeo King Review

Hello everyone! This is Running On Empty … Food Review! Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching. This is Running On Empty Food Review and I am your host in TheReportOfTheWeek. So welcome to this newest review and let’s just get right into things. Burger King has, I don’t Continue Reading

NEW RODEO in Amargosa Valley

Let’s get them loaded. Let’s go! I almost said a bad word right there. (Reed) Hi. You sure are pretty. (Amy) I’m not as pretty as you are handsome. (Reed) Oh, I beg to differ with you. (Amy) Yeah, I don’t think so. Barr T Rodeo Company that we’re working Continue Reading

Hiking and Camping in Kazakhstan. July 2016

Hey guys, my friends and i decided to get together and go on a hike! One of the friends… ugh… One of my friends who’s going with me, or rather I am going with him, is my good friend Dima. Dmitry is a doctor. Please let them know where we Continue Reading

El Matador | Peugeot 407 | Cararama Model 1:24 | By Sinan Duman

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] first thing I’ve gotta find was crazy I don’t know don’t baby [Music] [Music]


[Papa Bee] Oh yeah, you’re gonna want to sit up for this one [Miss Monkey] Why? Is it gonna jump out at me? [Papa] Ooooh [Miss] It’s not alive, right? [Papa] No, it’s not alive. [Mr. Monkey] *Shrieks* *Music* [Papa] Oh! The moment everybody’s been waiting for! I think I’m Continue Reading

Man Vs. Bull With Johnny Knoxville

what are you guys exactly doing with the Bulls today we got a pair of seals and we want to top in the bullring with this lease the beasts um bloom this looks like such a bad idea ha ha ha three two whoa

British VS Spanish Stereotypes Part 1

I think that one of the biggest stereotypes that we have about the British people… …is the tea. I don´t know if it´s the same in your case, but, well, now I don´t think that anymore But at the beginning I always thought that all of the English in the Continue Reading


yes I get this one THANKS, 321 “Yes, yes I tricked you” Looking great, ok, thanks ladies and gentlemen welcome to another episode of toy food This is a first time we’re actually doing this we’re meshing two things that are great Squishy’s and food so today. It’s That was Continue Reading