Best Friend Dogs Love The Hose In Their New Backyard | Animal Videos For Kids | Dodo Kids

When animal rescuers found Agatha and Jukebox living on their own they took them to a shelter. A place where people help dogs who need it! At the shelter, every dog gets their own space. Except Agatha and Jukebox! Because when they tried giving them separate beds, they got so Continue Reading

Adorable Cat With A Special Nose Loves Her Dog Best Friend | Animal Videos For Kids | Dodo Kids

Ella the dog is a boxer! So you’d think she’d like to box. But it’s Willow the cat who does the boxing. Right in the face! Ella doesn’t seem to mind. She’s just happy to have a friend. Who loves pipe cleaners! And sleeping and spying on the birds in Continue Reading

Scared Stray Cat Transforms Into Cuddliest Kitten | Animal Videos For Kids | Dodo Kids

He’s a little scared. Poor stray kitten! He has nowhere to go. He needs help. Lex spotted the cat after he moved into his new house. He decided to become this cat’s rescuer. He started to leave food outside for the cat. I would actually, I remember leaving out a Continue Reading

Drinking the Grossest Smoothie Ever in the Augmoto Challenge | Gaming Garage | Hot Wheels

(intense music) – [Jaden] This is the grossest smoothie of all time. – [Andy] And somebody’s gonna drink it. – [Will] A Hot Wheels Production. – Woo! – Welcome back to the Gaming Garage, I’m your host, Andy, along here with other hosts, Leo, Jaden, and Will. Today we are Continue Reading

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Back Hoe Loader Cement Mixer Cutter Driller Dump Truck Road Roller Mega Dump Truck Digger


– [Michael] We can see the finish line is in his sights! – Let’s bring out the first critter. (shocking high pitched piano) – [Zach] Oh ho ho… (shocking high pitched piano) – [Eli] Aww shoot. (rock music with people’s reactions) – [Narrator] A Hot Wheel’s Production. (a car revving Continue Reading


(car zooming) – [Narrator] A Hot Wheels Production hosted by Andy Riesmeyer and Stephen Sharer. – Hey it’s Andy, welcome back to Hot Wheels Unlimited. So, we’ve been all over and done some really super cool tracks and done some big stunts. But finally, we’re gonna get ourselves a nice Continue Reading

EPIC MONSTER TRUCK SLIME JUMP | Monster Trucks | Hot Wheels

– New News! Hot Wheels Monster Trucks are at it again on Monster Island. We go to sports. – That’s right. The Hot Wheels Monster Trucks are competing in a tournament to see which one can jump the farthest. They’ll launch down the ramp and over a pool of ooze. Continue Reading

Baby Cow Is So Happy When Rescuers Help Her Mom! | Animal Videos For Kids | Dodo Kids

This big mama cow needs help. She can’t walk or even stand by herself. Her calf is really worried. She won’t leave her mom’s side for even a second! Some people found them on the side of the road and knew right away that they were in trouble. Someone said, Continue Reading