(car engines roaring) – [Robotic Narrator] Blue. The brain. VS. Orange. The show-off. (crowd cheering) VS. Augmoto. (upbeat funky music) This is Augmoto. The first augmented reality racing game. (intense funky music plays) (crowd cheers) Scan track to bring Augmoto to life. Use your smart device to enable the augmented Continue Reading


(intense music) – [Announcer] Blue. The brain. Versus Orange. The showoff. Versus Race Crate. Round 1, drag race. First one through the gate wins. (intense music) Three, two, one, go. (intense music) Warming up never hurt anybody. Go. (intense music) Orange wins. (audience applauds) Stop it, no showboating. Round 2, Continue Reading

Dreamy Bikes on a Nighttime Ride | Hot Wheels


Tiny Squirrel Grows Up With The Best Brothers…DOGS | Animal Videos for Kids | Dodo Kids

Zach’s just a little guy. So, how’d he end up with BEST friends who are… GIANTS? There’s Maddox, who loves to lick and lick. Then Madison, who’s more the ‘you can ride on my back’ type. And last but not least, meet Major. Zach loves his pal, Major. You wouldn’t Continue Reading

Farm Animals For kids, Review toys Animals and Learning Name Sounds Cow, Pig, Horse, Sheep, Goat

Farm Animals For kids, Review toys Animals and Learning Name Sounds Cow, Pig, Horse, Sheep, Goat pores old fogey one gift yeah oh yes

EPIC DINER DASH | Hot Wheels Unlimited | Hot Wheels

(upbeat music) – [Announcer] A Hot Wheels production hosted by Andy Riesmeyer. – Hey guys. It’s Andy at Hot Wheels. You know we have unlimited track. – Miles of orange open road. – Like all the track you could ever think of. It’s pretty awesome. We were sitting in this Continue Reading

Halloween Racing – Spell Skeleton, Pumpkin, Spider and Witch

Timmy>woooooooooo Halloween Racing….ha ha ha ha ha woooooooooo [ engine revs ] [ beep ] Timmy>Ready [ beep ] Timmy>Get Set [ beep ] Timmy>Go !!!! [ engine revs ] [ engine revs ] [ engine revs ] [ slam ] [ slam ] [ engine revs ] [ engine Continue Reading

Sweetest Dog Was ‘Mom’ To A Baby Cat — Now They’re Best Friends | Animal Videos For Kids | Dodo Kids

A fuzzy kitten playing with a cuddly dog. This might just be the cutest thing on the face of the Earth. These two love each other so much. They’re the most adorable brother and sister. And, oh yeah. Best. Animal. Friends. Honey and Mamiao met when Honey was just a Continue Reading

Wobbliest Little Pit Bull Puppy Is So Determined To Walk! | Animal Videos For Kids | Dodo Kids

Aw, it’s a cute little pit bull puppy. This puppy has a hard time walking. That’s just the way Edna is! But she wanted to learn to run without falling over! Something clicked and I was just like, ‘I’ve just gotta help out this baby.’ So that’s when Kindel became: Continue Reading

Shy Dog Gets His Own Bedroom And Is So Happy | Animal Videos For Kids | Dodo Kids

I’ve never seen a dog bedroom like that before! This is Buster, and this is Buster’s doggy bedroom! He has a bed, a few of his favorite plants and a TV! He’s got a pretty good setup. Buster’s dad built this bedroom to help Buster feel safe. Because Buster used Continue Reading