Wasootch Ridge, Kananaskis scramble (HD)

Alright, Just got the GoPro out. We werent sure how far we were going to get. The snow was about a foot deep in places but we havent even had snowshoes out. Heres the first little tape marking here. Thats where you gain the ridge right there. Just a beautiful Continue Reading

Bizarre Rock Wall In China Lays ‘Eggs’ Every 30 Years And Scientists Still Don’t Know Why

Bizarre Rock Wall In China Lays ‘Eggs’ Every 30 Years And Scientists Still Don’t Know Why As much as science has helped us to understand our natural world, there are still plenty of anomalies it cannot explain. When confronted with some of nature’s most bizarre creations, even the most knowledgeable Continue Reading

Bow Hunting Elk: The Big Herd Bull in a Last Chance New Mexico Elk Hunt(#411) @GrowingDeer.tv

GRANT: (Whispering) 50 yards and coming; 50 yards and coming. GRANT: Last week I shared that Daniel and I had traveled to New Mexico for an elk hunt. GRANT: We only had a few days to hunt but I was more than pleased with the outfitters Hosted Hunts had introduced Continue Reading

The Indian Doctors Who Created An Animal Ark | WILDEST ANIMAL RESCUES

Voiceover: Prakash Amte and his family have been running this hospital in Maharashtra for over 40 years. After moving to the area and noticing the extreme poverty and lack of health care people in the area were facing. Voiceover: And it’s not just human patients that this family tend to.

La Escuela Bolera de Baile y la familia Pericet

Intense Staring Contest Between Gabriel Luna and Lilly Singh

-Y’all are on this crazy press tour where you’re traveling to all these different places. Mackenzie, are there any memorable moments that have happened on the tour thus far? -Well, we went to China recently, which was so fun and great, and everyone was really hospitable. And we had the Continue Reading