Vlog: Corrida e Caminhada da Família em SP (Family Walking and Running)

Hi folks! Today I’m here at the Botanical Institute and will participate in a race! Let’s go with me? Guys, now I’m ready. I already have my green shirt and my number! But I do not want the sun in my eye! Got it. Do you want to borrow? I’m Continue Reading


Okay guys it’s day three of the trip we are on, the Wild Atlantic Way. We’re about to fly over the ocean to the Aran Islands It’s early morning, it’s a little bit overcast but the Aran islands are supposedly gorgeous and we have a lot of really cool stuff Continue Reading

EPIC VLOG [Harry Potter, Music Videos, Choppers]

Hi everybody, I’m Giulio Fiore, writer and director of the short films you have seen on this channel, and this is my first vlog So, why haven’t uploaded any new vids in the last 9 months? Mostly because I started attending university. I study in Trieste, at a faculty for Continue Reading