Reptiles! Venomous Snakes And Animal Zoo

Reptile Lovers Live With 80 Snakes

SIOUXSIE: For some strange reason the neighbours don’t pop around for cuppas, do they? COMM: Siouxsie and Simon are obsessed with snakes, lizards and spiders. They run and live in a sanctuary in Dunstable, Bedfordshire that houses hundreds of species that would make most people’s skin crawl. SIMON: I think Continue Reading

Snake Whisperer Is Best Friends With Cobras | BEAST BUDDIES

COMM: Abu Zarin Hussin is no stranger to one of nature’s most feared reptiles. COMM: After watching his father handling snakes growing up, Abu Zarin joined the fire service as their specialist snake handler. COMM: And he has firsthand experience of just how dangerous it can be. COMM: He suffered Continue Reading

Brave Mongoose Tackles Lethal Black Mamba Snake

COMM: In the Kruger National Park, a dwarf mongoose sizes up to a deadly opponent, a black mamba. COMM: Black mamba snakes are the most feared in Africa, growing up to four and a half meters long. WOMAN: Oh, my god! Look at the size of him. COMM: Their bite Continue Reading

The Most Venomous Rattlesnake in the World!

(dramatic music) – I’m Coyote Peterson, and right now I am face to face with the deadliest rattlesnake in the world. Dancin’ with a Mohave rattlesnake. This is one dangerous dance, my friends. (intense instrumental music) (roar) The heart of rattlesnake territory is truly Arizona which is home to 13 Continue Reading


(snake hisses) – Tell you what, this is unbelievable. (funky music) Hey good morning and welcome to the vlog. I am down here in Homestead, Florida, and we are actually at Tom Crutchfield’s, one of the legends of reptiles. We are here to see a bunch of cool venomous snakes, Continue Reading

Cottonmouth vs Water Snake!

– I’m Coyote Peterson. Right now we’re hiking in the southern swamps of Texas, which is home to two different water snake species. One is venomous, and one is not. If your life depended on it, would you be able to tell the difference? (dramatic music) Stick around, ’cause we’re Continue Reading


– So I just wanna spend a few more minutes with this absolutely gorgeous monocled cobra before we move on to some other pretty deadly snakes, guys. (music squeals) Hey, good morning everybody and welcome to the vlog. It is gonna be a fun and adrenaline-filled morning so we’re gonna Continue Reading