How to Make Vegan Scrambled Eggs [Chickpea Based]

hello I hope you enjoy my recipe for chickpe scrambled eggs. It’s a great alternative normal scrambled eggs as it has a similar taste and texture and protein content and is very inexpensive to make. It’s main ingredient is chickpea flour. This is made from just ground-up chickpeas and it’s Continue Reading

Scramble tofu and creamy red curry – My first Swedish vlog (English subtitles available)

Welcome to my day I just got back from the I just got back home from the gym My plan was to make myself a smoothie bowl because I’m really in the mood for it… buuut I realized I don’t have any frozen bananas so now I’m going to make Continue Reading

Best! Homemade Salsa #1| Mexican Salsa | Restaurant Salsa| Easy | Fast | Perfect |Chimichangas Tacos

good afternoon today we’re going to make the perfect world’s best salsa I’m going to show you all the ingredients that I put in this is all-around sauce you can use it on anything and it’s delicious it’s the best you’ll ever make don’t try to memorize what I’m doing Continue Reading

BEINGS: Actress Daniella Monet’s Rodeo Experience Changed Her Life

When I was five years old, I went to a dude ranch with my family where they had a rodeo, and I had never been to a rodeo before, but I never forgot this experience ever. The cowboys rode horses while lassoing the cows’ legs together and flipping them on Continue Reading


(Suspenseful music) – [Jasmine] Have you ever heard of the word speciesism and wondered what it means? Speciesism is the widely held belief that humans are superior to animals. Scholar, Peter Singer, author of the 1975 book “Animal Liberation” defines it as, “a prejudice or bias in favor of the Continue Reading

Oil: The Vegan Killer

I’m Mic and today: oil and how eating it kills people, specifically vegans. Whenever a vegan is talking about how they have a lower heart disease risk than people that eat animal products or meat and they maybe mention the Adventist 2 study where vegans had a 26% lower risk Continue Reading


CONDOLENCE STREET Hey kiddos! I’m Bully, the Bull. BULLY THE BULL Yep, mom didn’t exactly went for the bulls-eye when she chose my name, but anyway, back to business: I’m here ’cause I came to Condolence Street to teach you the difference between some words: THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN NEAR AND Continue Reading