Horns vs. Antlers

There are many things that plague our country today: rampant crime, violent video games, a degradation of family values. But perhaps most importantly, children aren’t being taught to differentiate properly between horns and antlers. Horns and antlers are generally used for defending territory, fighting off predators, and attracting mates. I Continue Reading

A Bear Skull

While preparing for a full day of filming, The Brain Scoop team was paid a surprise visit by a university groundskeeper who had discovered a black bear skull in the woods. It is so old! – Yeah, that’s what I was saying: it was the oldest one he’d seen. And Continue Reading

Recommended Reading

Hey. We’re gonna talk about some books that I read. I get a lot of questions about, “Hey, Emily, what are you reading right now?” and “How do you know all of this?” and “Oh my god, you’re really smart.” And thank you very much, but I, uh, obviously didn’t Continue Reading

I’m a Matador: Michelle Vicary

When I first set foot on campus I was eager to chart my course. CSUN helped me to discover a new destination, my destination, and it provided me with the concepts and the skills to get there. When I left CSUN, I knew how to find and seize opportunities. I Continue Reading

I’m a Matador: Micheal Grillo

The moment I first set foot on campus, my world expanded. I was presented with a wonderful opportunity, to grow, to ponder, to discover my strengths. I learned to make my own decisions at CSUN, to assume responsibility. When I left CSUN, I was ready for the next phase of Continue Reading

I’m a Matador: Steve Rabuchin

When I first set foot on campus, it was a huge step forward. The first in my family to attend college. I was determined to make the most of it. Studying business at CSUN, I gained key management and leadership skills, but I also explored art, the mind, and the Continue Reading

I’m a Matador: Andrew Anagnost

When I first set foot on campus, it was a chance to start over. I was stepping out of a rocky past and into a fresh chapter, a new lease on life. Once at CSUN I immersed myself in studies of the physical world, embraced the campus community, and learn Continue Reading

The Royal Tombs of Ur 1.0: The Bull-Headed Lyre [Closed Captioned]

Hi Everyone. This is The Faustian Man and I am coming to you from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania’s Museum. Why are we here? We’re not here for the Flyer’s playoffs although, “Go Flyers!” We’re not here for the Penn relays Right over there We are here for something that Continue Reading

Red Bull Taste Test – Three First Timers – What does it taste like? Urine or Sweettarts

What we’re doing here is that we’ve got some some virgins have never tried Red Bull Lindsey Hartman, and Brian who’s holding the camera Friday morning at 7:30 my first time trial of Red Bull Let’s see how this works Happy new year! [Music plays] Take a sip, Linds. [laughter] Continue Reading