Tripping on Hallucinogenic Frogs (Part 1/3)

[MUSIC PLAYING] [SOUNDS OF AMAZON] HAMILTON MORRIS: Hello. I’m Hamilton Morris. We’re currently boating through flooded forests on our way to meet the Mayoruna Indians, a formerly cannibalistic tribe who use a strange frog derived drug they call sapo. They use it to give themselves energy before hunting. They use Continue Reading

The Guardian Angel of Guatemala: Profiles by VICE

Here in Guatemala, the fire department gets called for everything. We have a paramedic unit, and we have a hazmat, we have animal control. We have disaster control. Obviously fires. The gunshot wounds here in the city prevail a little bit more, we have around 10 to 15 per day. Continue Reading

Losing Millions on the Homie Vending Machine Empire: Profiles by VICE

the goal was to shake the glass quarter out of your pocket that’s always but I’ll go I was the king of the hump day every I had 1500 machines and every single machine on the top but every big machine that held the big two-inch capsule we had always Continue Reading

Inside the Life-or-Death World of Competitive Bull Riding

They do call bull riding the most dangerous sport on earth. But, bull riding can prepare you for so many things in life. Courage, respect, discipline. My dad was a bull rider. And I rode bulls. And now to see my son do it, it makes me really proud. So Continue Reading

The Completely Blind Hunter: Profiles by VICE

when you’re hunting I’m sorry you’re gonna need a little bit of help when your mind this is my latest gun permit I’ve renewed this gun permit for several years since I got my first one in October of 2000 this is a 357 Magnum this is the gun that Continue Reading


Under notas versátil Déjame ser lo que soy yo también ya no losé Piérdete mientras estoy donde debe ser salgo de mi habitación busco que comer si tu cuerpo está perdido que puedes perder Siempre en diferente caja, Nunca muero no eres mi media naranja yo ya estoy entero el Continue Reading

Being a White Student at a Historically Black College

I know College is really about getting an education but here you can get like an education academically as well as education through life also so much of it is that Brotherhood component that I thought was it was rare and so when it came time to apply to schools Continue Reading

The Iron-Assed Walnut-Cracking World Record Holder

Je suis Monsieur Cherry du Japon. Enchanté. Je suis le type qui a le plus de records Guinness au Japon. Je suis venu à Londres pour concourir pour 30 nouveaux records. Ramener des records Guinness à la maison est ma mission numéro une. Je détiens actuellement 12 records Guinness, mais Continue Reading

Why Public Transportation Sucks in the US

This video was made possible by Skillshare. Learn anything, including how I make these videos, for free for two months by going to This is Indiana, and this is Scotland. Both have a similar number of inhabitants, a similar size, and a similar population density. But here’s Indiana’s public Continue Reading

Alexis Neiers on Drugs, Prison, and the Bling Ring: Profiles by VICE

first time I tried I mean what classifies a hard drug like xanax xanax I was maybe in like seventh grade eighth grade was the first time I had tried cocaine and I snorted a little bit of meth did you give me a list of what for see how Continue Reading