Your new favorite airline in 9 letters

(upbeat dance music) – [Narrator] O is for on a budget so you can be out of office more often. I is for incredible service. It goes back to our Nordic culture. G is for growing. We’ve been the fastest-growing airline between the US and Europe, adding more routes all Continue Reading

The Strip’s rebellious little sister

(upbeat music) (slot machine whirring) – Hi, I’m Caz, and I’ve been living around the world for the past two years. This week, I’m checking out a side of Vegas that most people don’t know about. This is how the locals live. (upbeat music) (slot machine whirring) – This is Continue Reading

The great weekend escape: Boston

(upbeat music) – Welcome to Boston. – We’re here. (upbeat music) – Because the city of Boston is known for it’s unique character, Jeff and I wanted to explore the city. So first, we needed a bike. (upbeat music) – We got something fun planned for Jeff today, I hope Continue Reading

5 locals, 5 visitors, 5 great Florida cities

(upbeat, tropical music) – [Both] Welcome to St. Petersburg. – [Khris] So this is Bodega, my favorite place in town to get lunch. – [Megan] Let’s eat! – [Khris] Let’s do it. – It’s delicious. – What’s really cool about St. Pete is, we like to use our history, to Continue Reading

Behind the lens: Great Britain

(upbeat music) – I am Tiffany Nguyen and I’m a travel photographer. I’m in the UK with Visit Britain. – Hello. – Hi how are you? – I’m Colin, welcome. This is London’s oldest market, it dates back to the year 1200. Now a silk top hat originated in London Continue Reading

The perfect mother-daughter getaway

(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Brooke! – And I’m Joanna! – We just had an amazing trip to Houston. The perfect mother-daughter getaway. The Greyhound terminal is right in the heart of the city. So we started exploring as soon as we arrived. Houston is America’s fourth largest city and Continue Reading

Louisville from downtown to underground

– Welcome to Louisville. – I’m Blaze. – I’m Brian. – We just got off a Greyhound in Louisville, Kentucky. – Can’t wait to explore the city. – Yeah. – Let’s go. (Uptempo trumpet music) – [Blaze] We’re at the Kentucky State Fair and they have competitions for everything. Corn, Continue Reading

The Rickshaw Adventure – Ch.5: Our Thoughts!

(playful sitar music) – Last day, man. It’s almost kind of sad. I am going to miss this place. (upbeat sitar music) (engines loudly humming) – [Mike] A few hours later, we arrived in our final destination, Goa, where our journey would come to an end. – Arrived at the Continue Reading

Manitoba: Subarctic summer wild

(instrumental music) – [Quin] It’s definitely a surreal moment as a photographer to get the chance to see polar bears in the wild. (grass rustling) (vehicle engine rumbling) (plane engine roaring) We’re at the Seal River Heritage Lodge in northern Manitoba. We came here to see these polar bears. (boat Continue Reading

Hilton Hotels invites Rosario Dawson to Rediscover Puerto Rico

(instrumental music) – I’ve partnered with Hilton because they’ve been part of the fabric of Puerto Rico for 70 years. And we both agree, there’s never been a better time to visit. – Alright, thank you. (instrumental music) – It all starts with the people, with our spirit and culture, Continue Reading