Red Rock Canyon Park – Ice Box Trail & the Calico Hills

The Red Rock Nat Park is located at Nevada on the outskirts of Vegas 30 min drive from the strip To get there set “Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center” on the Nav app So this is the… Ice Box Canyon It’s about 3 miles hike Should take about 3 hours Continue Reading

On | Mountain Hut Episode 5 | feat. Germain Gragier & Chris Thompson

I started trail running because I like to spend times in the mountains. It’s good to practice technical running. It’s like a lifestyle and a way to enjoy the surroundings. This is out of my comfort zone, so this was something that I was excited to get to try with Continue Reading

LITTLE LOUGHEED Winter Scramble 2018, Kananaskis video (HD). Explore Alberta Canada

Just heading up to do Little Lougheed. And there’s a bunch of people already headed up to break trail for us. So that’s perfect. So the trail for Little Lougheed starts basically 25 kms south on the Spray Lakes Road from the bridge in Canmore. A bunch of people out Continue Reading

Corrida pédestre de Toulouse 2018. Radio LTE ICOM comme moyen de communication.

Jean-Marc ARNOUX: I have been the race Director of the “Corrida Pédestre de Toulouse” for several years know. During the race, I have to ensure the safety of more than 5000 runners, as well as people who are assisting with the race (volunteers, signalers, and others …). We are supported Continue Reading

Wasootch Ridge, Kananaskis scramble (HD)

Alright, Just got the GoPro out. We werent sure how far we were going to get. The snow was about a foot deep in places but we havent even had snowshoes out. Heres the first little tape marking here. Thats where you gain the ridge right there. Just a beautiful Continue Reading

The Most Venomous Rattlesnake in the World!

(dramatic music) – I’m Coyote Peterson, and right now I am face to face with the deadliest rattlesnake in the world. Dancin’ with a Mohave rattlesnake. This is one dangerous dance, my friends. (intense instrumental music) (roar) The heart of rattlesnake territory is truly Arizona which is home to 13 Continue Reading

On The Speedway with Red Bull’s Mikkel B. Jensen

There are so many thoughts going through my body, but in the end, I’m just shutting it all out. The only thing I’m looking at is the start line, and then I’m thinking: here we go. Hi, my name is Mikkel B. Jensen and I’m seventeen years old. My ambition Continue Reading