Bull Call Spread Option Strategies

Hey everyone, and welcome back to Option Alpha. This is Kirk, here again. And we’re talking about the option strategy bull call spread here. So, we’ll get right into it here as always, taking a look at the market outlook for this type of a strategy, when you would really Continue Reading

Bull Put Spread Option Strategy

Hello everyone. This is Kirk, here again at optionalpha.com. And in this video tutorial, we’re going to talk about the bull put spread. So, starting with the market outlook as always, this is a little bit of a complex option strategy. It’s not the most complex, but it’s not just Continue Reading

Why Cities Exist

This video was made possible by Squarespace. Build your website for 10% off at Squarespace.com/Wendover. The richest country in the world is Qatar which looks like this. The second richest country is Luxembourg which looks like this. The third richest is Singapore which looks like this. The commonality between these Continue Reading