La Última Faena – cortometraje realizado en 24 horas –

I don’t see it, I don’t see it. I don’t know what am I doing here Fermin, Fermin… It’s not time for doubting I don’t know what I am doing here, really, honey. What are we going to do? We’ll exit through the big door We’re getting into such a Continue Reading

“FIESTAS DEL PILAR: La corrida de toros” Tiara’s photos around Zaragoza, Spain (corrida zaragoza)

Banderillas by TravelPod member tiara Banderillas-1 by TravelPod member tiara Corrida=the bullfight by TravelPod member tiara Enrique Ponce by TravelPod member tiara Enrique Ponce-1 by TravelPod member tiara Enrique Ponce-2 by TravelPod member tiara Enrique Ponce-3 by TravelPod member tiara Enrique Ponce-4 by TravelPod member tiara La Corrida-1 by TravelPod Continue Reading

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Foie gras / Corrida : Deux traditions françaises dont je ne suis pas fière !

Hello everyone ! This video is not a tutorial, it is not to show you how to make a bracelet or a drawing I just wanted to share my opinion on two French traditions that I find really cruel and barbaric The first of these is the Corrida I really Continue Reading

Forcados Aposento da Moita | À 3ª foi de vez | Campo Pequeno corrida de touros TVI (2018)

Desafio da Corrida do Saco

Hi everyone, today we are going to make the bag race challenge Or, not worth it! Get back Okay, okay. One, two, three and … Already! (Laughs) I’m going to have to walk anyway Jump Sofia! (Laughs) I won! One two Three and go! (Laughs) I won! One two Three Continue Reading

68/16 ¡LO PILLÓ A PUNTO DE CAER AL AGUA! No te lo pierdas. 2ª parte Bous a la mar 2016 HD

If you haven’t watched the first part, then click here Pay attention Don’t miss the third and last part