Menemen, Eggs scrambled with tomatoes and green pepper, Ägg krympade med tomater och grön paprika

firstly we heat up the pan and add 3 table spoon of oil after the oil little heated add the chopped green pappers and fry them till they will be soft. it is time to add chopped tomatoes. we cook them till they will start to boil. whenever they start Continue Reading

Vegetable Egg Scramble: Kestrel’s College Cooking 6

One meal which I started making this fall is a vegetable egg scramble. I use what vegetables I have available to me. Earlier this fall I really enjoyed using green beans as part of this but as it is late September I no longer have any fresh one so its Continue Reading

[Eng Sub] 無番茄醬的番茄炒蛋 Tomato Scrambled Eggs

Hello, everybody Welcome to Maggie’s Kitchen Playground Ep. 2 Today, I am gonna teach everybody a very simple dish Tomato scrambled eggs I learned it from my mom. I know everybody usually cooks this dish at home. Or very often people get the dish at restaurants in Taiwan. But, the Continue Reading


Hello, everybody Carrying a basket Ready to pick the tomatoes It’s winter now The tomatoes must be the last to be picked My mother-in-law told me The tomato was eaten by a bird when it was red I don’t know if it’s a mouse or a bird I don’t know Continue Reading

Ramsay’s Classic Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon – Gordon Ramsay