Amazing Beef Ramen in Tokyo

This is a revolution. Luxurious Roast Beef Ramen. Welcome to Kitasenju. Up on the north east side of Tokyo. This is Brian from Ramen Adventures and Yummy Japan. And we are here at Matador. Matador Ramen. This place was huge on the scene about 2 and half years ago. They Continue Reading

On | Chasing Tokyo | E01: Dudes in the Woods

I knew I was in for something when I got here. We have a very unique setup: Putting 10 young athletes together just out in the middle of nowhere to focus on training full-time, just dudes in the middle of the woods. It’s not the place for everybody. This weird, Continue Reading

Shibuya Crossing – Tokyo – 渋谷スクランブル交差点 – 4K Ultra HD

One of Tokyo’s most famous locations, Shibuya Crossing is located in front of Shibuya Station and a few step away from Hachiko Shibuya Crossing has been made famous not only by its atypical crossing but also by its giants TV Screens and youth fashion stores Compared by many to New Continue Reading

The Other Hachikō Statue.

You’ve probably heard the true story behind the statue of Hachiko at Shibuya Station in Tokyo. The faithful dog who would wait for his owner to return home from work, every day at the train station exit. Hachiko’s owner, Hidesaburō Ueno, was a Professor at Tokyo University teaching agricultural engineering. Continue Reading

NEW FAMILY MEMBER!! + Vegan Tofu Scramble Recipe

Hey guys, good morning! Well I guess it’s not morning anymore, I think its already like 3pm. I was gonna vlog this morning, but I ended up waking up way too late and I just made it on time for my meeting. And yeah, I had a meeting this morning Continue Reading

Shibuya’s Hachiko Scramble in 24 Hours ★ ONLY in JAPAN

Welcome the HACHIKO’s scramble square in front of SHIBUYA station The busiest ,craziest most colorful, the loudest place in all of Tokyo “The scramble” just in front of SHIBUYA station has been featured in many international movies and TV broadcasts It’s pulse of the city… Wait Wait Wait Wait Before Continue Reading

World’s Smallest Velodrome – Red Bull Mini Drome 2012 Japan

You have to be competitive, but if you’re too aggressive you’re tossed out of the course. Just because you’re fast doesn’t mean you’re going to win. You need to stay chilled. That’s the most interesting part of the game. When I heard Red Bull Mini Drome was coming to Japan, Continue Reading

Ryuichi Sakamoto Talks About His Unique Perspective On Music | Red Bull Music

When thinking of mortality everyone has their own interpretation but in the end it’s both a magnificent and sentimental idea. When I compose music I always think of this concept and incorporate that into my sound. Simply describing it as humanity is inaccurate I believe its much bigger than a Continue Reading

Never Lift: The Week of the Japanese Grand Prix

– Okay, so we will go to the Honda factory first, and then go to the test track to do the filming contents for the Red Bull Japan and then, go to the Honda’s Acura factory to say thank you for the motor sports department people, come back to Tokyo Continue Reading