Top 5 Hunting Violations | Indiana DNR

-Hey fellas, glad to see you! I’m glad you could make it today. I’ve got some footage here that I want to share with you guys from last year of the top five hunting violations that I came across and I want to get your input. -What are we doing Continue Reading

[ENG SUB]華晨宇:今天為了來這個火辣辣的城市,化了一個火辣辣的妝【2019/9/7成都易車潮音節】

..came to Chengdu Today (I) come to “hot & spicy” city… and specially put on a “hot & spicy” make-up [You have no ticket] What…? You say that I have no ticket? I… right, I don’t have a ticket You said it as if you all have tickets… I have Continue Reading

How Airlines Price Flights

This video was made possible by Blue Apron. Get three free meals from Blue Apron by being one of the first 100 people to sign up at the link below. Airline ticket pricing probably seems like a crapshoot. The numbers change seemingly arbitrarily every week, day, or hour, but there’s Continue Reading