Pit Bull With Kittens

Pit Bull + Kittens=Pittens

Weaver Ants | The Guardians of the Canopy

hi guys my name is Jordan and in this video I’m exploring Australia’s topics up in northern Queensland. Here ancient rainforests stretch as far as the eye can see and are home to an incredibly diverse range of wildlife. Including one of the most unique ant species I’ve ever encountered. Continue Reading

Drivers scramble for cash after bank truck crash leaves it ‘raining money’ – News Live

 Commuters in New Jersey were treated to an early Christmas present as cash rained down from the sky across a busdy road   between the snow in East Rutherford, near New York, after what appeared to be a traffic accident between a car and an armoured vehicle carrying the money Continue Reading

Prairie Dogs l Raising pups in the Badlands

The Badlands of America temperatures nudge just above freezing could this be the arrival of spring black-tailed prairie dogs stir from the shelter of their underground burrows to enjoy the first hint of warmth thousands of tiny tunnellers live in this prairie dog town most of them are related but Continue Reading

Why So Many Animals Are Black And White

You ever stop to think how cool and amazing animals can be? I mean really. Why are some of them black and white? What kind of insect sees the whole world in slow-mo? Who is an immortal being? Let’s find out! We all know that a comedian tells jokes, but Continue Reading

Lions Hunting Prey In Africa National Geographic Documentary – Nature Documentary – Wildlife Animals

Water so Buffalo rarely leave their area Tao and Banda will learn from the best Because ke kanaka lions are expert Buffalo killers The bellows summons the Cubs like a dinner bell The females are hunting At ten months Tao and Banda are old enough to join the mothers With Continue Reading

EpiPen shortage causes parents, providers to scramble

most recently they have had to redo their production they had some quality issues and so their manufacturing process slowed and this has been since about May of this year that their production has gone down and there’s a national shortage of epi pen what’s tradition is many families come Continue Reading

BEINGS: Actress Daniella Monet’s Rodeo Experience Changed Her Life

When I was five years old, I went to a dude ranch with my family where they had a rodeo, and I had never been to a rodeo before, but I never forgot this experience ever. The cowboys rode horses while lassoing the cows’ legs together and flipping them on Continue Reading

Kidnapper Ants Steal Other Ants’ Babies – And Brainwash Them | Deep Look

You’re watching Deep Look’s 100th episode. Think we should do 100 more? Then support us on Patreon. Link is in the description. These ants are planning a heist. They don’t have a choice. They can’t feed themselves on their own. But they’re not plotting to steal food. They steal other Continue Reading