BEINGS: Actress Daniella Monet’s Rodeo Experience Changed Her Life

When I was five years old, I went to a dude ranch with my family where they had a rodeo, and I had never been to a rodeo before, but I never forgot this experience ever. The cowboys rode horses while lassoing the cows’ legs together and flipping them on Continue Reading

Kidnapper Ants Steal Other Ants’ Babies – And Brainwash Them | Deep Look

You’re watching Deep Look’s 100th episode. Think we should do 100 more? Then support us on Patreon. Link is in the description. These ants are planning a heist. They don’t have a choice. They can’t feed themselves on their own. But they’re not plotting to steal food. They steal other Continue Reading

How Do Sharks Breathe? | SHARK ACADEMY

Do sharks need to keep swimming all the time to keep breathing? Can they ever take a rest? I’m Jonathan Bird and this is Shark Academy! It used to be thought that sharks had to keep swimming all the time to keep water moving into their mouth and out through Continue Reading

The 4 Animal Combat Styles

Are you having trouble choosing your character for your next playthrough of Outside? I don’t blame you considering there’s literally millions upon millions to choose from So in this video instead of showcasing a specific class and all of its permutations Like I usually do I’m going to talk about Continue Reading

* MOOSE * | Animals For Kids | All Things Animal TV

Moose live in warm to cold climates across North America and Europe. With big muscular shouldersskinny legs a slender rump and a stubby little tail. They are the largest member the deer family. They stand taller than a horse. Moose have long funny faces and a strong flexible upper lip. Continue Reading

How Lice Turn Your Hair Into Their Jungle Gym | Deep Look

It can start as an itch. Maybe a tickle on your scalp. It’s head lice. Tiny and tenacious. Thanks to millions of years of evolution, these suckers are not easy to get rid of. You might end up in a salon, but not the kind for haircuts. Young lice are Continue Reading

The Strangest Animals You Just May See in Africa

Here are a few of the strangest animals you’ll see in Africa! 9 – Desert Rain Frog To some people, the desert rain frog might look like a genetic mistake. But this frog is one of the many unique creatures that make their home on the African continent. Some people Continue Reading

Social media campaign sees semi-naked photos with horses

“Will You Slow Down For Me Now” The Social Media campaign that’s seen horse riders strip off and ride naked in the hope of attracting attention. To their cause, of course. The point of their campaign is to persuade drivers to show more consideration to horse riders on country roads. Continue Reading

Blue Whale 🐳 | Amazing Animals

and now it’s time for some more amazing animals number two the amazing blue whale have we got a tale for you I’m all wet what we have here is the largest mammal ever known to man woman or mouse blue whales can be found in all the world’s oceans Continue Reading