Carmen – Toreador Song (Bizet; Kostas Smoriginas, The Royal Opera)

Let me praise you in return For we matadors understand you soldiers We share your taste for a fight It’s a holiday, and the bullring’s packed from top to bottom The crowd’s going mad Everyone’s shouting The air’s turning blue, tempers are running high It’s a celebration of courage, a Continue Reading

Carmen – Habanera (Bizet; Anna Caterina Antonacci, The Royal Opera)

Love is a rebellious bird that nobody can tame and it’s useless to call it if it doesn’t feel like answering you! Nothing is any use, threats or prayers one speaks sweet words, another is silent and it is the other I prefer he says nothing, but I like him Continue Reading

Carmen – The Flower Song (Jonas Kaufmann, The Royal Opera)

당신이 나에게 던져준 이 꽃은 늘 언제나 내게 있었어요 마르고 시들었지만 이 꽃은 달콤한 향기를 계속 품고 있었소 난 몇 시간이고 눈을 감고 그 향기를 맡았고 ….밤이면 당신을 떠올렸어요 난 당신을 저주하고 미워하며 매일 스스로 고민에 몸부림쳤어 왜 운명이 나를 당신과 만나게 했는지 그래, 결국 내가 도달한 마지막은 항상 당신을 Continue Reading