Houses of Parliament repairs could cost £7.1bn

Restoration work on the Houses of Parliament could cost as much as 5.7 billion pounds – and take 32 years to complete. However, the hefty pricetag could drop to 3.5 billion pounds if MPs and peers are moved out of the building. The 150 year old Grade one listed property Continue Reading

Costa Concordia: Stricken cruise liner starts last voyage

The wreck of the Costa Concordia cruise liner is being towed away from the Italian island where it struck rocks and capsized two years ago, killing 32 people. Tug boats are slowly swinging the 114,500 tonne vessel around to the east, so it will be facing in the right direction Continue Reading

TESLA 😱 Evento Tesla Cybertruck em 5 minutos 😱 VOCÊ NUNCA VIU NADA IGUAL ao TESLA❗ CONFIRA PREÇO

welcome to the cyber truck unveil we created an exoskeleton now hit the cyber truck yeah what else can we do with this truck let’s shoot it that’s a 9-millimeter bullet shot at the door so it’s it’s it’s ultra hard cold rolled stainless steel alloy that we’ve developed we’re Continue Reading

Titi Plaza si llega al Congreso: ”Quiero eliminar las corridas de toros”

no titín plaza andrades ave a cadiz in of course she is a lawyer we are giving laugh you have also been with better I think he is a charming snakes itself if it’s nice lovely it’s not my nice but I think that now the exclusive outgoing from the Continue Reading

Nubes Rojas | Pelicula de occidental | HD | Película completa gratis

I will be on my way this afternoon. Don’t you eat? Do you know where my rifle is? Is there anyone after you? No. We don’t want trouble, boy I won’t cause trouble. What do you want your rifle for? I could hunt something. You need to eat some meat. Continue Reading

United Way Guelph Wellington Dufferin – Michael House

(gentle airy music) – I came to Michael House four years ago. I was pregnant with Aria. I had been living independently before I came to Michael House, but I wasn’t in a stable environment. – My grandmother passed away back in October. She was pretty much mine and my Continue Reading

N. Korea scrambles to deal with impact of Typhoon Lingling

North Korea is also dealing with the aftermath of – Ling Ling pongs Korean Central Television reported Sunday about the country is making all-out efforts to help the people in affected areas through numerous recovery products and stressed that the preventive measures have minimized the damage it said efforts are Continue Reading

The Shadow Puppet Challenge

We’re two grown men and we’re about to make shadow puppets. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Goooooooood Mythical Morning! – You know how it is. You’re at a camping trip and you’re sitting there and you realize there’s an opportunity for – shadow puppets. – (chuckles) Continue Reading

The Farm – La granja – Calico Spanish Songs for Kids

My uncle has a farm My uncle has a farm, a farm. Yes sir! He invited me to meet the animals. The cow says [does], “Moo, moo, moo. Moo, moo, moo. Moo, moo, moo.” The cow says [does], “Moo, moo, moo. Moo, moo, moo.” The pig says, “Oink, oink, oink. Continue Reading


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