Haruomi Hosono on India, Van Dyke Parks and Pop Culture | Red Bull Music Academy

The song was “Mon Oncle”, from a French film. I watched the film by Jacques Tati in the fifth grade. The music impressed me, so I rushed to the record shop, and I bought a record of “Mon Oncle” sung by a Japanese singer. That was the first record I Continue Reading

Fast action ratting with terriers

[Music] There is a certain person who has been obvious by his absence in the last few weeks. He has been off to warmer climes parading his budgie smugglers around the pool and working off his tight buns. Who writes this stuff on the farm. Well he is back this Continue Reading

Louisville from downtown to underground

– Welcome to Louisville. – I’m Blaze. – I’m Brian. – We just got off a Greyhound in Louisville, Kentucky. – Can’t wait to explore the city. – Yeah. – Let’s go. (Uptempo trumpet music) – [Blaze] We’re at the Kentucky State Fair and they have competitions for everything. Corn, Continue Reading

The Dairy Scientist Saving Cows From Pain

(dreamy music) This is Bertie. He might look like any other cow, but there’s one little thing about him that sets him apart from his breed. Bertie has never grown a pair of horns. And that wasn’t a fluke of nature. Parts of his DNA were rewritten by this man. Continue Reading

Bully: The Story of The Rock Dog

When we got the phone call and email for Enzo, we just knew that we had to do something immediately. It was in July, it was like super-duper, 110 degree heat. We basically got an email about this dog that was abandoned in a rental property. It was the property Continue Reading

Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bryce Harper! (MLB)

EverythingTop10 is proud to present, “The Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bryce Harper!” #10. Harper grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada and attended Las Vegas High School. After his sophomore year, Harper passed his GED so that he could become eligible for the 2010 MLB Draft where he Continue Reading

Red Angus Bulls For Sale in British Columbia in 2016

And this is the third pen of these big summer two year old red angus bulls we are going to look at this morning this pen a little on the older sort mostly may bulls here we start calving on the tenth of May on our grass calving scenerio. So Continue Reading

Marco Rose’s Red Bull Salzburg Tactics Explained

In 2005, Austria Salzburg were purchased by energy drinks company Red Bull. The move didn’t go down well with everyone, and some of the team’s supporters were put off by the rebrand. However, over the last few years, the club – known since as Red Bull Salzburg – has gained Continue Reading

Keyshawn Whitehorse – Strong Like A Bull #ryourogue / 8K

Announcer: are you ready? [crowd cheers] I believe that talent is something that’s God-given. But- talent is not gonna come without hard work. [gate clanking] As a little kid I always saw myself reaching this point and higher. I’ve never- thought I couldn’t make it. It was just a feeling Continue Reading