Revoltillo de tofú / Scrambled tofu

Hello everyone! In today’s video we are going to make a tofu scramble This is an option for those of you that do not eat egg in breakfast or are trying something a little different. Here we have the tofu, this is a firm one, but you can use extra Continue Reading

How to Train Your Dog Using a Clicker | The Battersea Way

Hi I’m Adele a Canine Behaviour and Training Advisor here at Battersea and today I’m going to show you how to introduce a clicker when training your dog Clickers can be a useful tool for training as they are a clear and concise signal This allows the dog to recognise Continue Reading

How to Find Happiness – Bojack Horseman: The Good, The Bad & The Brilliant

What’s up Wisecrack. Welcome to The Good, The Bad & The Brilliant. The show where we break down the TV shows, movies and video games that we’re really excited about. This time we are going to be talking about the final season of BoJack Horseman. This season gives us answers Continue Reading

The water cycle, Scotland style…

(guitar strum) (drumming) – Do not put this on social media! (laugh) (squeal) (laugh) – Hi, my name’s Kirsty, I work at Arbikie Distillery as the Master Distiller. (guitar strums and hand claps) All of these go into this bottle, along with the potato spirit to make this Scottish gin Continue Reading

Zoom Basics: Online Office Hours in Zoom

Hey everyone this is Aleks from the CSUN FTC again. Alright so now I’m gonna show you how to log back in to Zoom and review a couple of things real fast and I’m going to be going over how to schedule online office hours. Zo as you remember in Continue Reading

Find Growth Stocks Even in a Bearish Market | Connie Hill, CMT | 3-12-20 | Getting Started Stocks

good morning welcome to our webcast on getting started with stock investing I’m happy to see you here I know it’s been another wild day in the markets as we’ve had the last three or four weeks but I’m happy to have you here if you’re somebody that’s just starting Continue Reading

Sewing an Edwardian Historically Inspired Mennonite Dress/Mennonite History Bounding

Hello peasants. Welcome to my channel. No, I actually love all of you. I just wanted to say that because I felt like it. I just like calling things peasants. [Sigh] I will now lose all potential subscribers I might have ever had. In today’s video, I’m going to be Continue Reading