Nothing can prepare you for Flathead Lake

– Growing up, water, whether it was a local hike or the ocean, was a place for my family and friends to – Now, wherever my travels take me, I know I can find that same sense of home and belonging out on the water. (bubbling) Coming to Montana, I Continue Reading

Falling off of a bull. Rockstar Vets.

Sean had been late to work, so I decided to make him help me personally. Hey Brian. Hey John. How’s it going dude? Great good to see you. Likewise. So, what exactly are we are doing over here? We decided to run Darryl the Dangerous or head steer that we Continue Reading

Malama aina: Kauai

(gentle music) (birds chirping) – Our priority is about the preservation of the history, about honoring kupuna, and generations prior on all that they have sacrificed to be able to have Hawaii be sustainable. It really works together in a symbiotic relationship. It’s important to pass that on to the Continue Reading

Introducing the Renaissance Plan – Combining Building Restoration with Strategic New Construction

you know across the country there is a growing crisis of deferred maintenance on campuses some estimates have that as large as seven billion dollars of deferred maintenance on campuses right now well that exists at USD as well we have three hundred and twelve million dollars the deferred maintenance Continue Reading

Try Not To Laugh Challenge #20

Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier. *blows fantabulous raspberry* Why do I even bother doing an intro for these things? I’ve got… *Squeak*…funny videos. S-s-supposedly, I’ve got funny videos. Now it’s not guaranteed that they’re gonna be funny, But what IS guaranteed is if any of you laugh, I’m gonna Continue Reading

VIONIC Samoa SKU:8620744

Hi everyone, I’m Nelly and this is Samoa from VIONIC Here we have a leather and stretch fabric upper leather that studded throughout for a beautiful look There’s two hook-and-loop closures for a secure and adjustable fit On the inside there’re soft and breathable microfiber linings for a great next-to-skin Continue Reading