Lion Loves His Pet Wiener Puppy Dog | Love Nature

Winwood Oklahoma is a wildlife refuge that’s home to a variety of creatures due to the recent strains on the economy many places that shelter animals have been forced to shut down leaving them in need of a new place to go also at the part lives a more familiar Continue Reading

8 Disgusting Foods ‘Fear Factor’ Contestants Actually Ate 🤢 | MTV Ranked

– [Madison] I literally can’t do it. – You can do it. There you go, there you go, there you go, there you go, there you go. Keep goin’, keep goin’. – Yeah, good job. (claps) – There we go. – Good job. – You good? (retching) – [Madison] I Continue Reading

Night Hawk Dairy: How They Use ‘Beef on Dairy’ Breeding

Our calf program is unique here because we genomic test our calves like a lot of people do, but we only raise enough replacements that we know that we need to replace the cows that we have in our herd. So we’ve been genomic testing our calves since we started Continue Reading

History of Spain Podcast Q&A #1

Welcome to The History of Spain Podcast, before we get started I wanted to announce that I’ve added yet more history books at Now there are literally more than 100 books on the Spanish Empire and Early Modern Era, with books on the discovery and Spanish conquests of America, Continue Reading

Puppy First Day Home Tips – Professional Dog Training Tips

– Do you think can handle this much cuteness? Well, today we’re gonna talk about your first day home with your new puppy. And I’ve got this adorable little eight-week-old puppy named Levi. We’re gonna talk to instructor Kim, who is one of our head instructors of our Head Start Continue Reading

Teach Your Dog To LOVE Playing With Toys And How To Tug – Professional Dog Training Tips

– There was a time when this toy poodle didn’t really like toys at all. Boy, things have changed. Get that thing! (laughs) (barking) (upbeat music) (background chattering) I think we should call this class Grade Fun, Rather than Grade One! ‘Cause I have a lot of fun, and I Continue Reading

Why Japan’s Homeless are Different from North America’s (Part 1)

This. This is the image that has been stuck in my mind for years. Here I was below the massive towers of the Tokyo metropolitan government building and I came across this blue tarp with solar panels on it. This was quite a scene for me. That’s because back in Continue Reading

How To Take A Tick Off Your Dog – Professional Dog Training Tips

In this video, you’re going to learn how to take a tick off of your dog with a recent increase in the tick population and the increased danger of tick borne illnesses. It’s really important that if you find a tick on your dog, you know how to remove it Continue Reading