How to Find Happiness – Bojack Horseman: The Good, The Bad & The Brilliant

What’s up Wisecrack. Welcome to The Good, The Bad & The Brilliant. The show where we break down the TV shows, movies and video games that we’re really excited about. This time we are going to be talking about the final season of BoJack Horseman. This season gives us answers Continue Reading

Find Growth Stocks Even in a Bearish Market | Connie Hill, CMT | 3-12-20 | Getting Started Stocks

good morning welcome to our webcast on getting started with stock investing I’m happy to see you here I know it’s been another wild day in the markets as we’ve had the last three or four weeks but I’m happy to have you here if you’re somebody that’s just starting Continue Reading

Sewing an Edwardian Historically Inspired Mennonite Dress/Mennonite History Bounding

Hello peasants. Welcome to my channel. No, I actually love all of you. I just wanted to say that because I felt like it. I just like calling things peasants. [Sigh] I will now lose all potential subscribers I might have ever had. In today’s video, I’m going to be Continue Reading

2020 Cloud-Jam Kickoff

>>All right. Good afternoon everybody. I tend to like to say good morning. So, good morning.>>Morning.>>All right. I like that. How’s everybody doing today?>>Good.>>Okay. All right. Little, bit, little less, less gusto than the good morning. Well hello. My name is Kyle Shaver. I work in IT here at CSUN. Continue Reading

How to pull a calf (heifer)

The most important things first, if you’re here needing help getting a calf pulled go to the three minute and 15 second point where I began to talk about how to get that calf pulled. To everyone else welcome back, my hopes are that you not only come for some Continue Reading

Meet the Deadliest Sniper on Earth

This bear cub gets a warm hug from a woman and purrs in the cutest way ever. Here, you can witness an amazing footage of lava flow that happened in Leilani Estates During the rush hours in Taipei city of Taiwan, hundreds of bikes fill the roads simultaneously. Have you Continue Reading

The New “Cow-Culator” & Estimating Nutrition Needs (3/7/20)

– When it comes to evaluating nutrition needs in cattle, and factoring in the costs that comes with that it can be quite a complicated process. But Dave, OSU Extension has some some software that can help producers evaluate that and work through that. – We do. So we’ve recently Continue Reading

Bodied – Official Feature Film – directed by Joseph Kahn and Produced by Eminem

[Music] [Man]This is the one you’ve been waiting for.The state’s two most dangerous hitters facing offin the one and only Killerfornia Battle League.X-Trakt versus Behn Grym.And this ain’t finna be no Increase the Peace rap —they gon’ talk about shootin’ the motherfucker,killin’ a motherfuckerand fuckin’ the motherfucker’s bitch.This battle might Continue Reading