Carmen | Great Performances at the Met | PBS

Can the love of a good man tame a wild and free woman? Or will she be his ruin? Or worse? That’s Carmen. More stunning than ever in the dangerously sexy Richard Eyre production of Bizet’s tragic opera. Thrill to Clémentine Margaine and Roberto Alagna in “Carmen,” on Great Performances Continue Reading

Mexico’s most active volcano puts on spectacular show

The spectacular display by Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano. Spewing out huge clouds of ash and smoke high into the air. A giant grey column reaching up into the sky, just 50 miles southeast of the capital, Mexico City. Experts say the ash and smoke rose 2-and-a-half thousand metres above the volcanoes Continue Reading

Better Late Than Never – Spain’s Signature Sport (Episode Highlight)

– I’m gonna– El Gande. – El Georgeo. – He’s been retaining a little fluid lately, so be careful with him. [laughter] – Hey, guys, look. You’re about to get some great demonstration. ♪ – Is the matador gonna put him penis away before he teaches George? – El grande! Continue Reading