Reptile Lovers Live With 80 Snakes

SIOUXSIE: For some strange reason the neighbours don’t pop around for cuppas, do they? COMM: Siouxsie and Simon are obsessed with snakes, lizards and spiders. They run and live in a sanctuary in Dunstable, Bedfordshire that houses hundreds of species that would make most people’s skin crawl. SIMON: I think Continue Reading

Fire Ants vs. Bird-Eater Tarantula

On this channel we’ve witnessed some pretty incredible things over the years, never before captured on film, and some undocumented by science. We’ve seen baby cockroaches being born from their mother as she was being devoured by fire ants, we’ve seen yellow crazy ants ingeniously feeding carnivorous pitcher plants with Continue Reading

Fire Ants vs. Giant Spiders

I noticed the next morning, the fire ants had been busy cutting out their own path of resistance. The fluon barriers I had placed to ensure the ants remained secure inside the Selva de Fuego had weak spots. Over night, the ants had figured out that the corners were easier Continue Reading

Night of the Deadly Creatures

– Wooo, look at that. – [Mark] Whoah man, that is a long snake. – [Coyote] Now this is a nocturnal and an arboreal species, which means that they’re out in the trees at night hunting for their prey. Now they (vinyl record scratching) Oh man. – Oh jeez. (tropical Continue Reading

I Tried to Bathe All My Pets

Hey guys, what’s happening? I really wanted to put this video out tonight, but I have no desire to do my face So I’m just not doing it so if you’re wondering who the heck I am it’s just me with no makeup Just me, being lazy. I am so Continue Reading