Freestyle Kicking Battles in South Korea – Red Bull Kick It 2015

Let’s kick it! Here are the semi finalists. Ingun Yoo & Yonghoon Shim, Jacob Pinto & Changsik Lee Let’s see what other tricks they have in their arsenal! Ingun Yoo! Woah! That was a “cheat 1080” on 3 boards!!! Hurricane Kick! Yonghoon Shim vs Jacob Pinto Red Bull kick it Continue Reading

Elite Kicking Battles in Seoul – Red Bull Kick It 2015

I went over here in 2013, I actually did not expect to win at all. If anything, I only wanted to win maybe one round, that was my goal. I beat the first round and then one round became two, became three, four, and before I knew it, I won Continue Reading

Self-Defense Basics: Lesson 8 – Pull and Turn

Hello again. Ando here from Happy Life Martial Arts. Welcome to Lesson #8 in your Self-Defense Basics Course. In Lesson #7, we talked about scaring off a bad guy by getting in his space and in his face. But what if the bad guy gets in your space first? What Continue Reading